Priya Shanmugalingam - National Dental Care

Dr Priya Shanmugalingam

Dentist  |  BDS

I was born and brought up in Sri Lanka. I, becoming a dentist was a complete accident. But now, I can’t think of any other profession where I can perform better.
Dentistry is an art allowing a huge platform for creativity and a science where engineering and medicine is combined, which makes it very unique and I love it.
After graduating in 2004, I worked in both private and public sectors which enabled me to gain experience in wide range of procedures as well as to be involved in projects on prevention, oral health promotion and clinical teaching.
I have a special interest in children’s dentistry (paediatric) as well as in crown and bridge works and dentures (prosthodontics) including oral appliance therapy which is used to treat snoring and obstructive sleep apnoea.
I also enjoyed the time supervising dental students at James Cook University till I moved to Dubbo, where I was able to share my knowledge and some fine surgical techniques.
I will also be performing wisdom teeth removals on site for my patients.
I am a people person and my spare time is mostly spent on socialising, volunteering, outdoors (recent activity was succeeding in flying a kite with my son and having the satisfaction of flying an aeroplane) fishing (never been very lucky, I should admit) and travelling.
I look forward to becoming a part of the Dubbo community and enjoying the relaxed atmosphere.

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