Peter Coles - National Dental Care

Dr Peter Coles

Dentist  |  BDS (Adel)

I completed my dental training at Adelaide University in 1975. Since then I have worked in a variety of different settings across public, private and university practice, in solo and in large multidisciplinary clinics located in urban, rural and remote parts of Australia including South Australia, Northern Territory, Victoria and Queensland. My most recent position was as a supervising dentist with the University of Queensland at Dalby where I trained final year graduating dental students in a rural community practice setting.

My interests have been on all aspects of general dentistry with a particular focus in paediatric dentistry and removable dentures. I enjoy meeting and treating people from all walks of life.

Throughout my career I have constantly sought to further my professional skills, knowledge and education. I have achieved this by regularly attending conferences, seminars, webinars and other training courses. I am a member of the Australian Dental Association and also acted as an expert reviewer for the NSW Health Consumer and Complaints Commission.

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