Howard Yean - National Dental Care

Dr. Howard Yean

Dr Howard Yean is an easy-going and vibrant member of our team of Associate Dentists.

As a result of the nurturing educational environment provided by the University of Sydney’s dentistry program, coupled with his experience as a dental practitioner, Dr Yean has developed a passion for all areas of dentistry, with a particular interest in the fields of oral surgery and restorative dentistry.

Together with an unyielding commitment to further education in dentistry, Dr Yean is a firm believer in the provision of minimally invasive and conservative treatment for all patients.

Dr Yean values every opportunity to make a positive difference and has a longstanding interest as a volunteer to provide quality dental care to communities in third world countries.

Growing up in New South Wales, Dr Yean is fluent in English and Cantonese, whilst continually improving his Mandarin speaking abilities.

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