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Dr Lima Eghlima

Principle Dentist  |  4857498B

After graduation from Tehran University in 2006, Dr Lima has been practising in dentistry over 8 years and more specifically pursuing her passion for art and science of cosmetic dentistry in Adelaide, South Australia, also in Iran for over 3 years.

Lima believes in minimal invasive dentistry; she is focused on providing high quality dental care to ensure that everyone is looked after properly and thoroughly. She has been involved in all aspects of dentistry including conservative and restorative care, extractions, root canal therapy, crowns and bridges and dentures. Book your consultation to have a chat with Dr Lima today and discover how she can help you with your dental needs and expectations and achieve your best dental and aesthetic solution.

In her spare time, Lima participates in the latest dental programs and conferences to keep abreast of new advancements in the dental industry. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time outdoors with her husband, Pedram as well as playing with their daughter Liliana.


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