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About Us

At your initial appointment for a consultation, you will come in and talk about what your problems are and what you would like done. Dr Gerke can provide you several treatment options and then you can go away and think about this and possibly even talk to others about it. If you feel you want to proceed then we can make appropriate times to start the treatment for you.


New Patient Experience

At South Terrace Prosthodontics, Dr Dale Gerke’s main area of expertise is in restoring badly mutilated teeth and making them strong, healthy and looking good. This most often involves a basic “work up” where he eliminates all disease and restores the teeth to a disease-free state. He then uses crowns, bridges and implants to finalise the job and make an aesthetic and permanent dentition which not only looks brilliant but also feels great and functions properly.

This may all sound too hard or too expensive, but often this is not the case. However where lengthy dentistry is required or high costs are involved, he is often able to manipulate the situation; where the job gets done – but over a reasonable period of time so that time and cost issues are reduced or modified to suit the different patient situations.

Because of his specialist expertise, Dr Gerke can co-ordinate any full mouth rehabilitation program. Dale has extensive experience in working with a variety of specialists: – endodontics (nerve treatment), orthodontics (teeth moved), oral surgery (teeth out and jaws changed and implants placed), and periodontics (gum fixed and sometimes implants placed). As such he can bring all the specialist treatments together and combine them with his own expert field of prosthodontics (crowns and bridges and implants).

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