How a SmileFund loan lets you smile easier - National Dental Care

Find out how National Dental Care’s personal SmileFund loan can help with major dental expenses. Smile fund offers flexible payments and interest-free terms, so you can keep smiling.

An interest-free loan option

SmileFund is a different kind of loan, only available at National Dental Care practices. If you are eligible it is interest-free. It provides individuals and families with additional way to help fund expensive dental procedures.

A SmileFund loan can be applied for online. It is available for procedures between $800 and $20,000, over terms of up to 18 months.

It’s simple to apply and a 20% upfront deposit on your procedure is all that is needed to help you quickly get the dental care you need.

What does the SmileFund loan cover?

When you need an expensive dental procedure or there is an unexpected emergency with your teeth, paying for treatment can be a concern. The procedure you need may not be covered by your health fund or the gap can be too large for your savings.

SmileFund loans can make a great difference, helping to cover a wide range of procedures and treatments including:

  • bridges
  • braces
  • crowns
  • root canals
  • dental implants
  • bone grafts

National Dental Care’s flexible SmileFund loan program can be used on nearly any treatment at your local practice.

To find out more about SmileFund, contact your local National Dental Care practice today or ask about it when you’re booking an appointment.

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