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To support our mission “to provide Australians with superior dental services, underpinned by a strong culture of ongoing training and clinical improvement”, National Dental Care is seeking to partner with like-minded dentists and select high-quality dental groups as we grow our network nationally.

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We are inviting you to discuss a potential partnership with National Dental Care - a partnership that will allow you to simplify your life, focus on patient care and realise the full value of your business.

Who is National Dental Care?

At National Dental Care (NDC), our mission and values are the driving force to providing superior dental care for our patients and exceptional partnership models for our partners. Founded in 2013, NDC started with just four practices located in Queensland. Since then, we have grown to over 80 practices, including the acquisition of Western Australian based DB Dental, and have become a leading provider of dental services throughout Australia.

Craig Stevens

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

“We want our clinicians and practice teams to stay for the long-term and feel we have a compelling offering, working in partnership with our vendor dentists and their teams to provide industry leading patient care. Our clinical strategy and direction is driven by our dentists through the Clinical Advisory Committee, which also helps set out training priorities and corporate culture.

An integral part of our partnership is providing our partners and their teams with the time to focus on their patients, whilst we support them via our dedicated support offices and personnel located across Australia. The success of our partnerships to date is a result of working in close collaboration with our vendor dentists during earn-out and beyond.”

Our steady growth has been made possible by continually investing in our clinicians, practice teams, practices and support infrastructure. We have nurtured an environment that encourages collaboration, embraces change, and gives us the confidence to always strive for improvement.

Across our network we have over 400 clinicians, 700 practice staff, 60 support staff; a dedicated Clinical Advisory Committee and an exclusive in-house Training Academy. Our business model allows clinicians and practice teams to focus on delivering high quality patient care, whilst benefitting from our established support office functions including operations, marketing, contact centre, human resources, IT and finance.

Clinical Advisory Committee

NDC is firmly committed to ensuring the success of your business and the best outcomes for your practice team and the patients they look after. The Clinical Advisory Committee (CAC) is a key pillar of NDC, and was established at founding of the company to ensure that clinicians govern the clinical strategy and direction of the company.

Our CAC is made up of senior clinicians from each state, with over 150 years of combined dental industry experience.

Watch our video to learn more about the Clinical Advisory Committee

The CAC ensures that the best clinical practices and standards are implemented across our network, clinicians and practice team members are well trained and also advises management on the latest in patient care and clinical technologies.

NDC Academy & Professional Development

Our ongoing focus on career development and clinical excellence is a key motivator for clinicians and practice team members to join and stay within the NDC family. As part of our commitment to learning and development, we have also launched our NDC Academy to streamline access to the latest clinical and non-clinical training courses, delivered both online and in-person.

We consider these opportunities as critical to both individual development and career progression, as well as to ensure we continue to deliver the best possible care for our patients.

Partners & Testimonials

Don't just take our word for it, hear from the dental groups and dentists who have recently joined our growing family, and discover the benefits of partnering with National Dental Care.

The 4-step process of partnering with NDC

We believe the key to our success lies in a commitment to investing in the development of our teams. Should you show interest in becoming a partner with National Dental Care Group, these are the steps to success:

Step 1

Initial Discussion

First, let's have an initial discussion to introduce you to NDC, address any questions you may have and gain an understanding of your business and your objectives.

All discussions remain discreet and highly confidential.

Step 2

Presenting an Offer

Once you are comfortable to move forward and we have some financial information, we will be in a position to present you with an offer for your business.

Step 3

Fine-tuning & Settlement

Once you are happy with the offer, we will proceed into a short due diligence period ahead of settlement. During this period, we also ensure there is adequate time to plan your practice(s) transition to NDC so that it is smooth for you, your team members and your patients.

Step 4


Once the documents are signed and you join NDC, we will work with you and your team to on-board your practice(s) so that you receive the support required to grow your business and help you to achieve your goals.

From the time of our first discussion through to settlement, the process can be as quick as eight to ten weeks.

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If you would prefer a more personal approach; please contact our Business Development team directly, for a highly confidential and obligation free discussion about your business.

Max Parker

Head of Business Development

Kathy Stravrianakis

Business Development Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

See what makes us different with a list of frequently asked questions from our partners:

We are different from other dental groups. Our focus is on growing our practice network and our individual practices in the right way, meaning that we partner with like-minded dentists that share our values whilst also continually investing in our support infrastructure to ensure we provide all our practices with the best possible support.

We are a company that is led clinically by our CAC, which is critical to delivering on our mission to provide superior dental care to our patients across the country.

We are truly committed to supporting each practice across every function.

NDC has and continues to invest significantly in our support infrastructure across all business functions such as operations, marketing, contact centre, HR, IT and finance, making the day-to-day running of a practice easier to manage and allowing the practice team and practice to grow.

We are also very focused on career development opportunities for all team members, which is delivered via our learning and development platform, the NDC Academy.

No. Our evaluation process truly recognises not only the value you have created in your business, but also the value you and your team will bring to NDC, and our attractive offers reflect this.

Our offers are structured in a way that recognises the full value of your business, even if impacted by COVID or similar events, as well as the potential for your business to grow in the future.

Not all dental groups reward future growth. We recognise the value in you and your business, and present you with an offer that reflects both your track record to date and future growth potential.

We listen to you and work with you to deliver the best earn-out option. We do not have clawbacks in our offers - we strongly believe clawback regimes do not provide a basis for a true partnership.

No. Unlike some other dental groups, we are focused on helping to grow your business in a way that's right for you, the practice and your patients. Similarly, to all our lead dentists, you will retain leadership of day-to-day operations of your practice.

Yes, absolutely. We understand the importance for clinicians to maintain their clinical autonomy in delivering patient care. Rather, we work in collaboration with you and your team to support the practice.

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