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At National Dental Care Mawson Lakes Dental, we pull out all stops to consistently practice pain-relief dentistry. Our professional staff are ready to help and answer all your questions to make sure we find the right treatment for you. Many people are nervous when thinking about tooth removal and treatments. That’s why our Adelaide dentists have gone the extra mile to ensure that all our patients receive comfortable treatment that’s as near to pain-free as possible.

Wisdom teeth removal

Your wisdom teeth are the final molars to come through. While most people get their wisdom teeth between their late teens and early twenties, some people never get them. Just because they emerge, doesn’t mean they need to be removed. Look out for the signs that removal may be the best option; if you notice general discomfort, infection or swelling, take action as soon as possible the prevent your wisdoms from impacting surrounding teeth.

Root canal treatment

Root canal treatment may be necessary if the nerve is decayed or infected. We will remove the pulp, bacteria, decay and nerves and then fill the space with dental materials designed to save your natural tooth and protect those surrounding it. We have honed our practice to be efficient, effective and as pain free as possible. When paired with continued oral hygiene, our treatments usually last for a lifetime. Our professional staff will ensure you experience the least discomfort possible.

If you notice any of the following symptoms, act quickly and call us for an appointment – sensitivity to hot or cold, sharp pain or tenderness when biting, abscesses near the affected tooth, facial swelling and changes in tooth colour. Your teeth are tools for life so it’s important to be vigilant.

Helping create comfort

Intravenous sedation (IV)

If you’re feeling anxious, our highly qualified Adelaide anaesthetists will administer your IV sedation. This is quite a deep sedation which means that you’ll only have partial awareness. This kind of sedation is ideal during treatments such as fillings or wisdom teeth removal.

Happy gas

You may know this as laughing gas. It’s brilliant for helping patients relax during their treatment and is also helpful for mild to moderate levels of anxiety.

General anaesthesia

During general anaesthesia, you’ll be completely unconscious and unaware so you won’t feel any pain at all. GA can be used as an alternative when undergoing large treatment cases involving multiple fillings, and tooth removal, especially wisdom teeth.

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