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Thinking of Teeth Straightening? Be Clear on the Facts

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Step One: Know the Facts
Step Two: Know What to Ask
Step Three: Know What You’re Getting

If you’re considering having your teeth straightened, you may be unsure about which treatment option is best for you. From traditional metal braces to clear aligners, modern advancements in dental technology mean there are now many different ways to achieve straighter teeth and a more even smile.

With its virtually invisible aligners that are comfortable and easy to remove, Invisalign® is a very popular choice for many people wanting to straighten their teeth. However, as with any dental treatment, there are lots of factors to consider when deciding on the option that’s right for you.

As DB Dental dentist Dr Rohit Chaturvedi explains, when it comes to teeth straightening treatment, “without realising, Australians could easily skip vital steps that are in place to ensure their safety and protect them from potential complications down the track. It’s not uncommon for consumers to have underlying dental problems, often without knowing.”

To help you during your decision-making process, check out our guide on what to ask about teeth straightening, so you can be clued up on how to get a straighter smile.

Step One: Know the Facts

Firstly, it’s important to understand which treatment will help you reach your ‘smile goals’ and how to begin the process of choosing a teeth straightening treatment option.

Consider asking:

  • What teeth straightening options can help me achieve the outcomes I am looking for?
  • Why is an in-person examination with a registered specialist orthodontist or dentist recommended before beginning treatment?

It’s crucial to have an initial consultation with your orthodontist or dentist before beginning treatment, so they can examine your teeth, identify any dental issues, and advise on the most suitable teeth straightening option for your particular situation.

Step Two: Know What to Ask

Before you decide on which teeth straightening option is best for your situation, you should make sure you’re equipped with all the information you need about the process and what’s involved.

Here are some of the key questions you may want to ask about teeth straightening:

  • What are the potential risks associated with the treatment option I am being recommended?
  • Who will be responsible for applying or fitting the product and who will manage my care throughout treatment?
  • Who do I contact if I am experiencing excessive pain or discomfort, or my aligner doesn’t seem to fit properly?
  • Will I be able to schedule an in-person appointment with my treating orthodontist or dentist if I want one?

Step Three: Know What You’re Getting

Aside from understanding the teeth straightening process, it’s also important to know about the product itself and how to find out more information.

You might want to know:

  • What product am I being recommended and why?
  • Has the orthodontic product I am being recommended had any product recalls or alerts issued by a regulator?
  • Where can I find out more information about the product I am being recommended?

It’s important to be aware that DIY teeth straightening products can be dangerous - you should always choose professional products recommended by a qualified dental practitioner to avoid potential risks.

For more information on straightening your teeth with Invisalign®, visit our Invisalign treatment page.

You can speak to your National Dental Care Group dentist about the best option for achieving straighter teeth and a perfect smile. Book an appointment online today and take the first step towards straighter teeth.