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Technology Focus: DIAGNOcam

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What is DIAGNOcam?
How does DIAGNOcam work?
Is DIAGNOcam safe?
What are the benefits of DIAGNOcam?

At National Dental Care and DB Dental, we leverage the latest in dental technology to ensure our patients receive the very best standard of diagnosis, treatment, and care.

One of the areas in which advanced technology is extremely useful is dental imagery, which allows your dentist to take an in-depth look at what’s going on inside your mouth.

DIAGNOcam is an imaging method used by our dentists to take scans of your teeth and get a close-up look at your mouth. Read on to discover more about this innovative technology and how it can play a role in keeping your oral health in the best condition.

What is DIAGNOcam?

DIAGNOcam scans a patient’s teeth using a special laser. This is anternative imaging method to taking an x-ray and is often used in conjunction with x-ray images to allow Dentists to see what is happening below the surface of the enamel, and in between teeth.

How does DIAGNOcam work?

DIAGNOcam uses a special laser beam, which causes the structures of the teeth to become light conductors. This means that any lesions or cracks in the teeth will block the flow of light, creating shadows in the imagery.

A digital video camera captures the images and transmits them to a live monitor, so both dentist and patient can see the images in real-time.

Is DIAGNOcam safe?

Yes, this type of imaging technology is safe and pain-free. There’s no radiation involved and the laser beam is tuned to a specific wavelength.

What are the benefits of DIAGNOcam?

DIAGNOcam is an important diagnostic tool that enables our dental practitioners to carefully assess your teeth and mouth in order to identify potential issues.

Here are some of the ways that DIAGNOcam can help you and your dental health:

A live view of your mouth
As the images captured by DIAGNOcam are projected onto a screen in real-time, your dentist can explain exactly what’s being shown and how any potential issues can be treated. It’s a bit like a virtual guided tour of your mouth!

Early detection of oral health issues
DIAGNOcam allows your dentist to identify issues such as cavity hotspots or early signs of decay underneath existing fillings that aren’t visible to the naked eye. By diagnosing issues as early as possible, we can treat them before complications arise, as well as prevent future problems from occurring.An alternative to x-rays

Although x-rays are still an important part of oral health diagnosis and treatment, DIAGNOcam is a convenient way to verify and supplement an x-ray diagnosis with high- quality images.

Please note that not all practices have this technology, so check with your local practice first. Need to make an appointment to see your dentist? You can find your local practice and book online now.