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NIB health insurance customers: Can National Dental Care help you maximise your dental extras?

Health insurance leaves many of our patients questioning how they can benefit. Here are some quick Q&As.

If I am with NIB health insurance, can I visit a NDC Dentist?

You can. In fact, National Dental Care accepts all major health insurance funds. The good news for NIB customers is that a number of our practices are preferred providers to this fund. This means we are recognised by your health insurance fund.

Does being with NIB mean I get more benefits than other NDC Dental patients?

When you use a health fund that is on our list of preferred providers this means you are guaranteed some kind of rebate and you can often get discounts.  For starters, we offer No Gap check up and cleans. 

Depending on your level of cover, you may, in fact, be able to claim all your preventative care without any out-0f-pocket expenses. Preventative care services can include check-up, scale and clean, x-rays and exams.

Do I have to have any special NIB cover to visit a NDC Dentist?

It’s always good practice to check with your health fund to see what you’re eligible for. If in doubt you can pop into a NDC Dental practice and we can call them on your behalf or swipe your NIB card, which in most instances can give us a quote on the spot. Our team is friendly and happy to help.

Are there any waiting periods?

There can be some waiting periods, particularly for major dental.

How do I avoid surprise expenses?

At NDC Dental we put treatment plans in writing. This means you have the information you need to take a step back and consider your budget before proceeding. We appreciate finances have a role and we offer Smile Fund, which gives you the ability to treat now and pay over as long as 24 months.


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Is Invisalign covered by my health insurance?

We encourage our patients to check with their insurance company. Often Orthodontics have a lifetime limit so you could get a portion of your treatment back.


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*If in doubt about fees, we always suggest contacting your health insurance provider. The cover can vary depending on your individual plan so your health insurance provider is best placed to give you the most accurate information, but we will do our best to help.

**Check-ups can be partially out of pocket, depending on your level of cover.

***Available at all NDC practices except Erina, Ashfield, Hurstville Sydney CBD, Apple Dental Lane Cove and Hugh Fleming Dentistry.

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