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Braces are an excellent way to get teeth straight, but for years we’ve seen them as an option for kids and teens. What about adults: are braces for adults, too?

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Katie Gregory, National Dental Care’s Human Resource Advisor, comes from a big family but her dad always made her feel special.

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Madeleine Gilkes, Oral Health Therapist (OHT), works with her dad Dr Henry Gilkes in West Lakes, Adelaide.

“The staff here at National Dental Care Westlakes remember my mum bringing me to the practice as a baby. She would bring me along with her in a carrier.” Madeleine reflects “the room I would nap in as a baby is the same room I care for my patients in now.”
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As Father’s Day approaches, some of our team members share stories about their dads. Jenni Davis, Dental Assistant in Dubbo, shares her story.

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When Dr Lima Eghlima was a 16-year-old student, a female dentist came to her high school as part of careers day.

“She was a fantastic dentist and a fantastic speaker,” Dr Lima recalls. “It really made me want to become a dentist.”

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A gum lift, or gingivectomy, is a cosmetic dental procedure which trims your gumline to show off your teeth. When gums are not in proportion with your teeth, or not symmetrical, it can affect the look of your smile. Instead of showing off your teeth, you can be showing off more gum than you’d prefer. … read more

Mouthwash can do a whole range of things, or just make your breath smell fresh for a little while. Special therapeutic mouthwashes can be great for some dental and oral health issues.

And if you have bad breath, you need more than a mouthwash to deal with it. A mouthwash will only cover it up for a little while. … read more

Everybody wants fresh breath, but what if you have bad breath and don’t know it? Do you wait for someone to offer mints after every meal you share? Are you trying to smell your own breath to check before you go out? Or overdosing on mouthwash? … read more

You’ve got a suspicion your breath isn’t the freshest. Are your friends standing a little further back these days when you chat? Or maybe it was just you’ve had too much garlic? You’re cleaning your teeth twice a day. Should you be adding mouthwash to your routine? Is it necessary? … read more

Dr Nader Malik brings a holistic approach to dentistry.

“From the mouth, you get great insights to a person’s broader health” says Dr Nader.”To me being a dentist is so much more than treating just the teeth, it’s about looking after your total and complete health.”

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