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We’ve all been brought up on the dental horror stories from our grandparents when they were children. That large painful needle, the loud drilling and no modern day anaesthetics. We’re so lucky that technology has dramatically evolved for the better, making dental procedures faster, simpler and gentler. Even with incredible updates to technology and access to better health education than ever before, why aren’t millennials championing good oral health for their generation?

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It’s natural to be cautious when you’re pregnant – you want your baby to be as safe as possible. The good news is that it’s safe to have dental work done while you’re pregnant. More importantly, it’s much better for your baby that you have good oral health. Dental infections and gum disease can be a risk to pregnancies.

If you’re planning a pregnancy it’s always best to make sure your dental checks and any necessary work are up to date. This way you can hopefully avoid any work needed in the early months, in case you are feeling unwell. But if you’re pregnant and due for a dental check or needing some work done, don’t put it off.

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Many babies and toddlers will naturally suck on their thumbs or fingers as a way to self-soothe when they are tired or hungry. Dummies, or ‘pacifiers’, are an alternative for self-soothing and come in a variety of synthetic materials and shapes.

A generation ago, both dummies and thumb sucking were frowned upon and discouraged. Mothers were told that dummies were a sign of lazy parenting and would harm their children’s teeth.

Today we want our children to be able to settle easily, but is a dummy or thumb sucking a concern?

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It’s natural to be cautious about your health when you’re pregnant – you want the best start for your baby.

The good news is that fluoride toothpaste is safe for you to use when you’re pregnant however, ensure you never swallow it while brushing. Your dental health is even more important during this time.

Your National Dental Care practitioner can help you keep your teeth healthy during pregnancy, so make sure you have regular checkups and see your dentist promptly if you have any aches or pains. If you have morning sickness or other issues, your dentist will do their best to make times available when it’s most comfortable to visit.

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Invisalign has many advantages over braces in straightening teeth including the fact that it’s almost an invisible treatment.

In some situations, Invisalign often gets faster results than braces and you have fewer dental appointments because you receive sets of custom-created aligners at each visit. You can then change up the aligners to your personal plan without needing more visits to the dentist.

Although it can be faster in certain situations, braces are still essential for fixing some orthodontic problems, including the more severe ones. Everyone’s mouth is different. Some need braces to begin the process and can then transfer to Invisalign treatment.

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It all looks so easy – you head off on an Asian holiday and get your dental work done as well. Budget sorted, holiday sorted, teeth sorted – easy. Or is it?

Everyone seems to know someone who came back from Thailand or Bali or Malaysia with shiny new teeth and a tan. Should you be planning a dental holiday?

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With so much time spent planning the event, it’s easy enough to miss something on your list.

All kinds of things can darken your teeth, from too much coffee, black tea or red wine, to smoking. And ageing also naturally darkens your teeth.

If you want to whiten your teeth so your smile is picture perfect, it’s probably not too late if you have a couple of weeks or more to spare. Your National Dental Care dentist will be able to advise.

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Most of us love to wake up and smell the coffee, or the tea. It’s what gets us off to work, and through long hours. Coffee catch ups are also a great way to spend a little time with friends.

But coffee and tea can stain your teeth. Badly, in some cases. If you are having problems with stained teeth, is it time to give up the caffeine habit? Which one is worst, tea or coffee?

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In the early days of parenthood, many parents struggle to get through their days because their babies aren’t sleeping well at night.

It’s not unusual for babies to have broken sleep, particularly in the first year. But most children settle into a routine and start sleeping through the night.

But what about when your child doesn’t? What if your preschooler is still waking through the night?

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The World’s Greatest Shave aims to raise over $16 million this year, and ten-year-old Erin, daughter of our very own practice manager Amanda Colefax, is championing the cause.

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