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Becoming a dentist with Dr Zaid Al Momani

Picture a young Dr. Zaid, only a child himself, going to his dad’s medical practice after school. Communication is key as a dentist and “my dad being a Paediatrician taught me how to talk to younger patients,” says Zaid. Explaining how “his tone would change, and the language he’d use would shift. I was only in primary school myself, and the kids were a similar age to me and I would see them relax with his patience and calm demeanor. He explained things in terms they understood and his approach calmed their parents too who could naturally be nervous.”

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Newstead Dentist Puts Patients First

“Patients are the most important part of coming to work every day for me,” says Zoe Shih, Oral Health Therapist, “they’re like guests coming to your home and I try and make them feel welcome and put at ease.”

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Dental phobias are common, but they cause unnecessary suffering and expense. Some people might recall exactly what made them scared, but others have no real idea. Some anxiety can be passed on if a parent had a bad experience and has always spoken of dentists with fear. But remember, dental treatments have improved vastly compared to what your mum or dad experienced.

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Did you know that we offer Philips Zoom in Chair Whitening? 

You can now achieve your maximum whitest smile in your lunch break. Philips Zoom uses light-activated technology to achieve a smile up to eight shades lighter. This technology is proprietary, meaning it is exclusive to Philips Zoom. 

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Mouthguards are commonly associated with protecting teeth on the sports field but they’re also significant in treating other problems such as snoring and grinding your teeth. Your National Dental Care practitioner can treat these particular issues with a customised mouthguard.

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We all know you’re meant to get regular dental checkups. How hard is going twice a year? But then you’re busy, and you’re on holidays, and then you’re short of cash, and nothing is hurting anyway. Do you really need to see a dentist twice a year? … read more

Just because you’ve been cleaning your teeth since kindergarten doesn’t mean you’ve got the technique right – it’s easy to have picked up bad habits along the way. But good oral hygiene is not only great for having fresh breath, it also protects your teeth and your budget.

Here’s how to brush up your teeth-cleaning skills to ensure you not only have a great smile, but you’re helping to avoid dental issues.

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Here’s something you may not know – nearly half of the surface area of your teeth is between them. This means you can easily miss them with a toothbrush.

And no, we’re not telling you this so you can ace your next trivia night. … read more

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