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Once your children are in high school it’s trickier to keep an eye on their daily habits, but you still need to encourage them to take good care of their teeth.

Teenagers have busier lives – healthy eating and regular brushing can slip off their radar, especially when they need more sleep.

There are also a range of new dental issues to deal with, aside from concerns about appearances.

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Dental issues are now the number one reason for children to be hospitalised in NSW, according to the latest NSW Health data. Sadly, many children need to go under general anaesthetic to have rotten teeth extracted and the numbers are increasing each year.

Sadly, most of these admissions could have been prevented with a healthier diet, regular brushing and dental checks.

When juggling work and family responsibilities, it’s easy for your child’s oral health to be overlooked. But just because children don’t complain about dental pain, it doesn’t mean their teeth are fine.

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Caring for your children’s teeth starts way before they can start brushing themselves. Once that first baby tooth appears, it’s time to include oral hygiene in their routine.

Your children’s first teeth are important for the health of their adult teeth. And the routines you create around tooth brushing, help them develop the right habits as they grow older.

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When life is hectic and there are late nights, good routines can go sidetracked. Sometimes you have the suspicion your breath isn’t the freshest. But it’s a busy time.

Then one morning you’re cleaning your teeth and you notice your tongue isn’t pink any more. It’s white.

What does this mean? Is it serious?

This year’s Dental Health Week asks how your oral health is tracking. A white tongue may mean you need to up your oral health game.

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Good dental health is not just about a nice white smile or fresh breath. Good dental health is important for your general health.

Dental decay and gum infections are not just miserable for you, they also affect chronic conditions such as diabetes and heart problems. By keeping your teeth healthy, you are looking after your general health.

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It’s possible for a dental implant to last indefinitely with excellent oral hygiene – but that’s not a guarantee that they will. Everyone has individual dental problems, possible health conditions and will be a different age when they get an implant. … read more

Dentophobia, the fear of visiting the dentist, is still an incredibly common issue in the 21st century. According to research conducted by the University of Adelaide and Australian Research Centre, one in six Australian adults are affected by high dental fear and avoid visiting the dentist. This may sound like quite a high statistic but for Dr Zaid Al Momani of NDC Alexandra Hills, anxious people are very commonplace in the practice.

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Just because you clean and floss your teeth twice a day doesn’t mean your teeth aren’t affected by what you eat. While cleaning helps, your physical health affects your dental health.

And many chronic conditions such as diabetes are also affected by poor dental health. Here’s what to watch in your diet so you are also looking after your dental health.

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