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A gum lift, or gingivectomy, is a cosmetic dental procedure which trims your gumline to show off your teeth. When gums are not in proportion with your teeth, or not symmetrical, it can affect the look of your smile. Instead of showing off your teeth, you can be showing off more gum than you’d prefer. … read more

Mouthwash can do a whole range of things, or just make your breath smell fresh for a little while. Special therapeutic mouthwashes can be great for some dental and oral health issues.

And if you have bad breath, you need more than a mouthwash to deal with it. A mouthwash will only cover it up for a little while. … read more

Everybody wants fresh breath, but what if you have bad breath and don’t know it? Do you wait for someone to offer mints after every meal you share? Are you trying to smell your own breath to check before you go out? Or overdosing on mouthwash? … read more

You’ve got a suspicion your breath isn’t the freshest. Are your friends standing a little further back these days when you chat? Or maybe it was just you’ve had too much garlic? You’re cleaning your teeth twice a day. Should you be adding mouthwash to your routine? Is it necessary? … read more

Dr Nader Malik brings a holistic approach to dentistry.

“From the mouth, you get great insights to a person’s broader health” says Dr Nader.”To me being a dentist is so much more than treating just the teeth, it’s about looking after your total and complete health.”

… read more

There’s a whole lot of mouthwashes to choose from and your dentist or doctor may also prescribe one for particular conditions. So how do you go about choosing the right mouthwash?

After all, it’s something that you’re going to spit into the hand basin about 30 seconds after you swish it. Where do you start with all those bottles?

… read more

We all get wrinkles as we age but we don’t always want to see them on our faces. Injections can fix wrinkles in different ways, but it needs to be done by a professional.

If your skin is making you look older than you feel, you might want to think about cosmetic injectable. These can either relax the wrinkle area so it doesn’t form a line when you smile, or gently fill lines so they’re not as obvious. These treatments aren’t permanent, so you will need to get them done regularly. … read more

Lamingtons are an Australian favourite – cubes of sponge cake dipped in chocolate and rolled in desiccated coconut. Supposedly, in the late 19th century, the Governor of Queensland, Lord Lamington, had some unexpected guests for tea. Cake supplies were low so his cook cut up a stale sponge, dipped the pieces in chocolate and then rolled them in desiccated coconut so each piece could be handled more elegantly. The lamington was born and has been enjoyed ever since in Australia. … read more

Brushing your teeth is not just about making sure you don’t have small bits of spinach stuck to them when you smile – it’s about getting them clean after a meal, so bacteria don’t move in for their own dinner.

… read more

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