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Dental rebates can be a complex issue. Most people take out health insurance and don’t use it to its full potential because they don’t know what can be claimed as a dental rebate. … read more

How your sports activities could be impacting your teeth and gums

We Australians love our sport.

But the hard truth is that playing sports can have a serious impact on our dental health.
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You’re probably aware of the concerning reports regarding negligent dental practices in NSW. It’s alleged that the dental practices in question didn’t effectively sterilise their instruments between patients, which may have exposed their patients to unnecessary risks of cross-infection. The practices involved have been named and shamed for poor infection control and their dentists penalised for failure to uphold national standards. … read more

Dentists have long advocated the benefits of regular dental visits. When we’re not experiencing any pain or symptoms, teeth can be a bit out of sight, out of mind. Because of this, people often get lazy about having regular dental checkups. Teeth are a vital part of our everyday life and help us live, eat and work. But prevention is better than the cure, including for dental health. … read more

Teeth and tipple: Alcohol and oral health 

At your National Dental Care practice, when your dentist asks you questions about your lifestyle, they’re not just being nosy. We know there’s a significant connection between your habits and lifestyle choices and the health of your teeth and gums. Asking questions helps us make those connections and keep your teeth on track.
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We’re excited to share National Dental Care’s fresh face; our new look behind the same exceptional service.

Building on our strengths, we’ve evolved our identity to better align with our patients and reflect what they value in us – friendly, trusted leadership in quality oral care and education across Australia. Our new logo follows a single string of floss, weaving the story of National Dental Care’s growth from humble beginnings in Queensland to a national identity of quality dental connections. … read more

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By Meghan Rabbitt

You drift off at night like a newborn baby yet can’t recall the last time you woke up truly refreshed. It may not seem that weird: “People tend to assume that because our modern lives are so hectic, nobody feels rested,” says Meir Kryger, MD, a professor at the Yale School of Medicine. But the reality is, you might have a sleep disorder and not even know it. … read more

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By Rebecca Brown.

It’s no secret — large quantities of sugar can harm the body in many ways, from causing inflammation to increasing the chance of developing obesity and coronary heart disease, which is why the Australian Heart Association (AHA) recommends that the average person limit their intake of added sugar to five teaspoons for women and nine teaspoons for men.

But the artificial stuff isn’t necessarily better for you.
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