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Our National Dental Care Erina GB Dental practitioners are all highly skilled in orthodontic treatment. Orthodontics refers to the diagnosis, prevention and correction of problems in the alignment of teeth and jaws and literally means ‘straight teeth.’ Now more than ever, it’s easier to improve your smile, giving you more confidence in less time with greater comfort, results and benefits that last. National Dental Care Erina GB dentists specialise in personalised care and priding ourselves on knowing exactly how to deliver accurate diagnosis and a methodical treatment plan. … read more

In recent years, dental technology has a come a long way allowing dentists to get better insight into our oral health and provide better treatment options. By fitting out our Adelaide dental surgery with cutting edge technology, our National Dental Care Findon dentists are able to provide you with better care, keeping your teeth healthier for longer. … read more

Make a New Year’s resolution that is achievable and will make a difference to your overall health and wellbeing. We’ll share some ways that you can make your health a priority in 2016 and kick start your oral health!
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Ah, the humble toothbrush. We use them every day but have you ever thought about how they were invented? How they are made? And how far you should keep your toothbrush from the toilet?

From twigs and leaves to high tech synthetics, the toothbrush has come a long way since 3000 BC. Here are 30 fantastic toothbrush facts that will knock your kids socks off before they go back to school. … read more

We are proud to announce that Brisbane CBD has just open their doors to patients for National Dental Care’s first flagship practice.

Located in the heart of the city in the T&G building, we give our patients the same outstanding choice, value and service as in all our other locations.
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A prosthodontist is a specialist dentist who focuses on the replacement of missing or badly-damaged teeth. Think of a prosthodontist as an expert in smile and function restoration. There’s more to a smile than how it looks. A prosthodontist will look at why the problem occurred, eliminate any disease and then, through a combination of crowns, implants or bridges restore your smile as painlessly and naturally as possible. … read more

Last week was the first-ever World Antibiotic Awareness Week.

Medical fraternities all over the world are battling the constant emergence of new strains of bacteria, resistant to available antibiotics. Unfortunately, we seem to be losing the battle. We can all help manage the problem through responsible use of antibiotics only when absolutely necessary.
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