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A new year often comes with a change in the air, but for Keran Bagley, Practice Manager – National Dental Care Merrimac, it’s all about celebrating loyalty.

Merrimac dentist values team and patients

In January, 2019: The Merrimac team celebrated Keran’s 14 years of service to National Dental Care with cake.


National Dental Care has close to 60 practices across Australia, and part of the benefit to staff and patients means flexibility to move between practices. For patients, that means if your life takes you interstate you have a reliable dentist waiting for you with your patient history. For our team, like Keran, it means the opportunity to have a sea change, with job security.

“I grew up in Darwin, and I was ready for a change, but moving with a family is a big decision. My two daughters – a toddler, and an 8-year-old at the time, are small children,” says Keran who said it took a lot of planning.

Support makes all the difference

“My husband is a stay-at-home dad and incredibly supportive of my career. It’s wonderful to have support at home, and at work with National Dental Care. They helped me choose a new location based on the lifestyle I wanted. They helped me with financial support for the move, and they helped me get settled in. I had the Human Resources team and Support office teams help me get familiar with some aspects, and the local practice team helps me get familiar with other aspects. Overall they made it very smooth.

“The practice team here in Merrimac take a lot of pride in their patient care. From day one, they were enthusiastic to share what they were about and their team culture. Every team member at Merrimac is really committed to the standard of care they offer patients and that’s something to be proud of.”

On a personal note Keran says, now one year into life in Merrimac, she can’t see her family ever leaving the coastal community “I definitely see us being here long term. We love our lifestyle. We feel so fulfilled being here.”

Merrimac dentist is family-orientated

“Our dentists care for a lot of families.” Says Keran, who notes the entire practice team has a great reputation because they receive so many patient referrals.

“We care for grandparents, mums, dads and kids. We care for generation after generation of families.”

“National Dental Care Merrimac has maintained a high caliber of service over time. That keeps people coming back,” says Keran, noting it’s more than just the high standard of service, it’s also the whole experience. “It makes everyone feel welcome. We remember birthdays and family holidays. We want our patients to always feel relaxed and at home.”


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