Meet the team - Katie Gregory - National Dental Care

National Dental Care has almost one thousand team members across Australia. As well as dentists – our team is made up of a range of healthcare providers and support staff members such as the Human Resource team.  

Katie Gregory, Human Resource’s Advisor, works in the HR team with Steve Ralphs in Sydney, and Jess Toth and Natasha Kearley, who are Perth-based.

Katie has been with National Dental Care for two and a half years and relocated from Brisbane to Sydney a year ago.

Katie Gregory Human Resources

As well as dentists – and health care providers, National Dental Care has support staff like Katie Gregory, Human Resource Advisor.

1/ What did you want to be when you grew up?

So many things – mostly I wanted to be a children’s author. I always loved writing. I still read children’s books in my downtime. I am one of nine children and my mum was a big book lover so books were always around. There was always someone around for story time.

2 / In five words – what’s important to you?

Travel, food, my partner, dessert.

3 / What’s your favourite travel destination?

Last year I travelled to Japan – I loved the mountains and the countryside. The onsens are super relaxing. Next on my list is Iceland. It seems like a really picturesque and beautiful destination. I’m a big fan of low key outdoors activities – nothing too active – but I like how vast and beautiful everything is when you’re outdoors.

4 / What are you looking forward to?

I’m taking a sewing class at the moment so I’m looking forward to finishing my first wearable item – a dress.

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