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National Dental Care’s McCann and Kinross Dental Surgery is an established general-anaesthetics practice with a fully-equipped outpatient anaesthetic theatre. We are conveniently located in Westfield Chermside shopping centre.

Fully-equipped theatre

This fully-equipped facility means we our highly-experienced dentists can do full reconstructions with the best possible outcome for our patients.

At each procedure we have a specialist medical anaesthetist supported by experienced anaesthetic nurses to provide light sedation, deep sedation (twilight anaesthetic) or full general anaesthesia.

Dr McCann is at the helm of the Chermside practice. which prides itself on treating all patients with compassion and care.

Help for anxious patients

‘We specialise in treating a variety of anxious patients, from dental phobics with long-held fears to those with negative historical dental experience,’ said Dr McCann.

Often, these patients have neglected their oral hygiene for up to ten years due to extreme anxiety associated with visiting the dentist. As well as helping anxious patients, our general anaesthetic capabilities create a whole lot of options for treating young children, the elderly and special-needs patients needing complex dental work.

Special-needs patients

Our highly-trained team provides a compassionate and professional environment for special-needs patients.

Special-needs can be people who are mentally and/or physically handicapped, or with limited mobility, or who may not be able to understand the treatment they will have.

We also have experience in treating patients with traumatic brain injury who may need a change in regular approaches in order to receive treatment.

We take the time to understand not just the needs and concerns of patients, but the medical, physical or behavioural condition to better manage the appointment and their oral-health needs.

Dr McCann says:  ‘We’re fully setup to rehabilitate a wide range of patients and get them back on a good dental path’.

Accident and injury dental trauma

We also treat dental injuries from trauma and accidents. Seeing Dr McCann throughout the entire process leads to solid diagnosis, holistic treatment and a better connection, which again lessens anxiety.

Our treatment philosophy is to reduce the need for multiple treatments.

Wisdom teeth issues

When it comes to your wisdom teeth, Dr McCann says that problem wisdom teeth are often associated with some common symptoms:

  • persistent headaches that aren’t related to a big night out or your upcoming exams
  • significant facial pain that radiates up and down your jaws
  • pressure of your front lower anterior teeth or localised pain at the site of your wisdom teeth

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