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Lead Dentist Dr Corne Huxham recently joined National Dental Care Frankston after working for two years on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. Dr Huxham, who graduated from the University of Pretoria in South Africa in 2000, moved with her family to Australia in 2017.

“We visited Australia a decade ago as we had family in Sydney and we always wanted to move here,” says Dr Huxham. “It’s quite similar to South Africa in a lot of ways but there are more opportunities here.”

Dr Huxham ran her own practice in South Africa, and also worked in New Zealand before moving here. She is a highly skilled and experienced practitioner who chose dentistry as it combined her interests in the medical field, with lots of interaction with people. A bonus is also the family-friendly hours of work, especially for women.

Minimally invasive dentistry and your smile

Dr Huxham is particularly keen on preventative and minimally invasive dentistry, to try and keep as much of the original teeth as possible. “As minimal as possible,” she says. “I like to work with people so that they understand how to best care for their teeth. A generation ago, the approach was often to just remove problem teeth. Today we aim to repair and retain natural teeth as much as possible, and we have far more effective and comfortable treatment options.”

“I am experienced in cosmetic dentistry, as well as crown and bridge work when repairs are needed. I’m a people person, and I like making people feel comfortable and confident with their smile.”

“National Dental Care Frankston is a really modern practice in nice surroundings with the latest equipment, including a diagnocam which takes scans of teeth without using X-rays. This allows us to see any hidden cavities and to treat them before they become too complex.”

Special skills with every patient, including special needs patients

Dr Huxham’s considerable experience and gentle, empathetic approach to all her patients has brought her a reputation for excellence. This is particularly with patients who have special needs, including those who have an intellectual disability, where communication and gaining trust may be more time-consuming.

“I think good communication is important for every patient,” says Dr Huxham. “A lot of people are anxious about seeing a dentist, and that can be more so for those who are really unwell, frail or have a disability. Everyone needs access to dental checkups and dental treatment. We also work with emergency patients referred to us through Dental Health Services Victoria.”

Dr Corne Huxham and the team in the practice.

Outside of the practice

Dr Huxham and her family made the move to Melbourne for her husband’s career, but they are enjoying the scale and diversity of the city.

“We like to travel around the region quite a bit to get to know the different areas and see what’s happening around us,” she says. “I’m also keen on photography, mainly landscapes and travel photos. Our children are teenagers and we like family time with them as well as with friends.”

You can meet Dr Huxham at National Dental Care Frankston by booking an appointment online now. You are also welcome to contact her to discuss dental care for a family member with special needs.

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