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Once your children are in high school it’s trickier to keep an eye on their daily habits, but you still need to encourage them to take good care of their teeth.

Teenagers have busier lives – healthy eating and regular brushing can slip off their radar, especially when they need more sleep.

There are also a range of new dental issues to deal with, aside from concerns about appearances.

Dental health issues for teenagers

Provided your child has had regular dental checkups and a good brushing routine, their teeth should be in good health. But if they’re not coming in straight, your National Dental Care dentist might suggest orthodontic treatment.

Straightening crooked teeth is not just an aesthetic issue, it also makes them easier to clean as food isn’t as easily trapped. But that doesn’t have to mean metal braces. The new Invisalign treatment can straighten teeth almost invisibly. Your dentist will advise what would be suitable for your child.

A properly fitted mouth guard is essential for teens who have moved onto contact sports. Your National Dental Care practitioner can create a customised mouthguard which will provide safety with comfort for your child.

Healthy eating and other good habits

If your child is interested in packing their own lunch or cooking, take the opportunity to encourage them to create their own nutritious meals as well as the odd treat.

Older children who are eating independently of the family at times should be aware that acidic foods and fluids can erode teeth. It’s better to not eat things like mandarins and oranges just before brushing teeth as the dental enamel is temporarily softened.

All children should know that smoking is not only unhealthy, but also damages their oral health, as well as giving them bad breath. And while metal mouth and tongue piercings can be trendy, they can also damage teeth and become infected.

Growing into great teeth

The teen years can provide some challenges, but if they’ve grown up with good oral health routines, chances are they’ll keep those good habits in the long run. And a bit of discreet parental guidance does make a difference.

While dental checks and treatment can challenge your budget, National Dental Care offers no-gap checkups for kids if you have extras insurance. You can also use Afterpay.

You may be eligible for up to $1000 over a two-year period for your child’s dental care through the Child Dental Benefits Scheme if you receive certain Federal Government payments.

National Dental Care also offers interest-free payment plans which can help with major dental treatments if you’re eligible. Book your teenager’s next dental check online now.

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