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It’s natural to be cautious when you’re pregnant – you want your baby to be as safe as possible. The good news is that it’s safe to have dental work done while you’re pregnant. More importantly, it’s much better for your baby that you have good oral health. Dental infections and gum disease can be a risk to pregnancies.

If you’re planning a pregnancy it’s always best to make sure your dental checks and any necessary work are up to date. This way you can hopefully avoid any work needed in the early months, in case you are feeling unwell. But if you’re pregnant and due for a dental check or needing some work done, don’t put it off.

Dental work when you’re pregnant

If you’re in need of a checkup or some dental work, always let your National Dental Care dentist know you’re pregnant.

Hormonal changes during pregnancy can make your gums more prone to swelling and tenderness. But this doesn’t mean you should ignore any gum issues, it might be gum disease developing. Your dentist needs to check and treat if necessary.

If you need treatment but have issues with morning sickness, discuss the best time for the work with your dentist. It may be possible to delay some work to the second trimester (four to six months pregnant), when you will hopefully feel better.

The second trimester is also better for major dental work because it can be uncomfortable lying flat when you’re in the last few months of pregnancy. Your National Dental Care dentist will be able to advise you on what’s best for you and your teeth.

Are X-rays safe during pregnancy?

“Modern digital x-rays are safer as minimal radiation is used and you, and your baby, can be protected with a lead apron,” says Dentist Dr Antony Benedetto from National Dental Care Erina. “However, we will only take x-rays while you’re pregnant if absolutely necessary.”

“Depending on your dental issues, you might be able to delay x-rays and treatment until after the baby is born. Nevertheless, it is important for you and your baby’s well being is that you have good oral health.”​

Can I get orthodontic work done while I’m pregnant?

You can still have orthodontic work done, but two issues may be a problem.

Your gums can be much tenderer, or your face can even change shape slightly through weight gain or fluid retention. Any extra sensitivity or changes in gums can make fitting braces or Invisalign aligners more challenging. If you need new scans to fit new aligners, it will add to expenses.

It can be uncomfortable lying flat and keeping still late in pregnancy if you need a lot of orthodontic work done. Although tooth whitening can be performed during pregnancy, the third trimester is not the best time for the same reason – you may not be comfortable lying still for the entire procedure. Your dentist will probably advise to wait until after the birth for any non-emergency dental treatments.

Book your National Dental Care appointment online now, and protect your baby’s health during pregnancy by keeping your dental care up to date.


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