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Invisalign has many advantages over braces in straightening teeth including the fact that it’s almost an invisible treatment.

In some situations, Invisalign often gets faster results than braces and you have fewer dental appointments because you receive sets of custom-created aligners at each visit. You can then change up the aligners to your personal plan without needing more visits to the dentist.

Although it can be faster in certain situations, braces are still essential for fixing some orthodontic problems, including the more severe ones. Everyone’s mouth is different. Some need braces to begin the process and can then transfer to Invisalign treatment.

Invisalign for straightening teeth

Invisalign uses computer technology to create a model of your mouth and the final results you can achieve. Then 3D-printing technology creates graduated sets of aligners just for you. Once you begin your Invisalign treatment you learn how to fit each new set of aligners every week or two.

You also learn how to keep your teeth and aligners clean – they must be removed for every meal or drink (other than plain water). Invisalign must be worn around 22 hours every day, while braces are in place until your dentist removes them. You can remove Invisalign for special occasions but most people discover that it’s virtually invisible anyway.

When you need braces

Braces are still important for certain types of orthodontic issues. Braces technology has changed over the years – there are many types of braces which are far more subtle than the ones you saw at school.

If braces are needed, you may be able to transfer to Invisalign at a certain point. And if braces are your treatment, remember it’s a pathway to a better smile and only temporary.

Coping with orthodontic work

Whatever orthodontic work you need, it can be a little challenging. It’s a commitment to time and appointments which need to be planned around your daily life and holidays. The good thing is that you can really improve your smile through National Dental Care orthodontics expertise.

And National Dental Care’s payment plan may be able to help your budget with an interest-free loan. Once the treatment has begun, most people quickly get into the routine and back to their busy lives. Your treatment will make the most of your smile. Whatever time it takes is an investment in your dental health and aesthetics. Book an appointment online now to discuss your options.

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