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Now you can have Invisalign in Brisbane CBD

We value our patients, and giving you access to Invisalign in Brisbane CBD is just one more way we can make you smile. We offer:

✓ Free Teeth Straightening Consultation

✓ Free whitening assessment

✓ Interest-free payment options, so you can pay over 6, 12, or 24 months

✓ One price of $5,995 with no hidden costs (less than $7 per day)

Welcome to National Dental Care Brisbane CBD

Why do patients choose us?

Our mission is to improve people’s lives through their oral health. We listen to our patients. We take time to communicate, and we plan with you – not for you. Our approach to care is collaborative. This means you can share your smile goals, and we make recommendations that are right for you as an individual.

Dental care has transformed over recent years through technology. We have invested in state-of-the-art technology, and that combined with our gentle and welcoming chair-side-manner means we take the time to understand your needs, and make a treatment plan that is right for.

Why is Invisalign with National Dental Care different?

We pride ourselves in treating each patient as an individual based on your health and your goals. This means working with you to achieve your goals within:

Life events: Thanks to the Invisalign technology, we can show you how your teeth will look at different points of treatment with a high level of predictability. Many of our patients opt to use this treatment in preparation for big life events like weddings. Often treatment times are shorter than patients expect and we can complete treatment in months, not years, which means you have the smile you want in less time.

Cost: We understand that budgeting is a factor for many patients. Investing in your smile can make you look younger and improve your health, but it is at a cost. The majority of our patients who choose Invisalign, choose to pay with Smile Fund, our interest-free payment plan. With a flexible approach to payment, this means you can pay over 6, 12, or 24 months. Our team can help you plan payments to time with your own budget. This level of flexibility means you pay less than $7 per day.

Time: We can work around your lifestyle. This means we give you a treatment plan that suits your needs, and that includes the timing of your appointments. We understand our patients lead busy lifestyles so we put you first and plan appointments around your schedule. We can also plan treatment around travel, so you don’t have to choose between a holiday and Invisalign, you just need to tell your National Dental Care dentist and we can give you extra trays to take with you on – rather than let you miss out.

Free parking: To make life that little bit easier we offer all of our patient’s free parking at the Myer Centre. Simply bring in your parking ticket and we can validate it at every appointment.


What else can we do?

Many of our patients who opt for Invisalign, also choose whitening, veneers or same day crowns. Watch our video on same-day crowns below.

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