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You’ve always wanted to get your teeth straightened and you found out about Invisalign’s many advantages – you’re keen to get started on a sunnier smile.

But then…gasp…you suddenly panic. No, not about how long the treatment will take (usually faster than standard braces) or what you can eat (same as always so long as you clean your teeth and aligners after every meal). No, something much, much more serious…

What if you meet someone special and you want to kiss? Can you kiss comfortably with Invisalign?


Kissing and Invisalign

In short, of course you can, and they’re unlikely to notice you’re using Invisalign. For all you know, they could also be wearing aligners. You don’t see them unless you’re really close.

If you think about it, having metal braces didn’t stop people kissing for the treatment duration. And that was even when both were wearing bands and there were scary rumours about metal locking together. And people with tongue and lip piercings aren’t worried about kissing.

Your Invisalign aligners are smooth and are designed to fit really closely to your teeth – they will not dislodge or affect your kissing.


But I’m nervous

If it’s early days in your Invisalign treatment you’re still getting used to your aligners, you may well be more self-conscious about them just because it’s new to you. And if you’re also dating someone new, it’s understandable you’re nervous. Most people are nervous, with or without orthodontic treatment, on first dates.

The good news about Invisalign is you’re going to be more kissable because your oral hygiene program means you clean your teeth every time you eat – your mouth will always be fresh.

You can take your aligners out for special occasions, but remember you need to wear them consistently for the treatment to work. Keep a track of time so you’re not having special occasions every day.


Invisalign and dating

Nobody needs full disclosure at first meeting, but a simple mention you’re having orthodontic treatment explains tooth-cleaning time-outs – you’re not unwell or trying to climb out the bathroom window. And you need to be prepared for dates and travel so you don’t disrupt your treatment.

Clear aligners won’t be visible in selfies; they’ll just make your teeth shinier and disguise any imperfections. But just like your teeth, you can get lipstick on your aligners so do a quick check before a special photo.

Be confident about being upfront about Invisalign when you’re ready – you’re putting effort into improving yourself – anyone worthwhile will be impressed. Contact your National Dental Care practitioner online for more information about Invisalign.

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