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More than half the dental practitioners in Australia are women and that trend is increasing. On International Women’s Day, National Dental Care dentist Dr Joanne McGilp shares why she became and dentist and why it’s a great career for women. She also explains how the latest time-saving dental technology benefits both patients and dentists.

Why dentistry is great for women

“I did work experience at a GP practice at school,” recalls Dr Joanne. “That wasn’t inspiring, but a teacher suggested I try a dental practice next. I just loved it.

“I realised I could use my hands, it was quite artistic. I could talk to people and I could be my own boss. I think dentistry is a fantastic job for a female. You can choose the hours you work. It’s fine if you want to work part-time.

“And the pay is equal too.”

Dr Joanne McGilp values technology in dentistry.

Dental technology patients love

Dr Joanne loves the latest technology which makes the work so much easier for her patients.

“We use iTero computer technology to show how straightening can be achieved using Invisalign clear aligners,” says Dr Joanne, who works at National Dental Care Barangaroo, Sydney.

“We just scan the patient’s mouth, we don’t need to take impressions. It’s a free scan which creates a computerised image of how their teeth could look after straightening.

“We can also take photos and use digital smile-design software to show how teeth could look after having cosmetic work such as veneers and crowns. People love to see the before-and-after before they commit.”

Watch an Invislign consult here. 

Time-saving technology

“Our practice is in a busy CBD area,” says Dr Joanne. “Patients appreciate things like CEREC – we can do a crown from start to finish in a single visit, instead of a couple of weeks.”

“We do OPG scans which show the whole mouth and teeth and use a lot less radiation than old fashion X-rays. With an OPG our patients can see everything at once, all their fillings etc. It’s a great overview. It really helps with communication, because it means they can see for themselves what’s happening inside their own mouth.

“Our patients love our technology because it’s time-saving and shows what can be done. I love working with the latest technology because it means I can diagnose more effectively and deliver results I’m really proud of.

“We also use these scanners to make 3D implant guides, which makes implant surgery smooth and straight forward.”

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