What Is Happy Gas and How Does It Work for Anxious Patients?

Dental anxiety is extremely common. Around 15% of people are so afraid of seeing the dentist that they avoid a visit at all costs. We understand that the thought of dental work can be unnerving. Unfamiliar noises and sensations can be anxiety provoking and leave people feeling unsettled. Our dentists are experienced in treating anxious and phobic patients, we have established a reputation for providing gentle care for everyone that comes through our doors.

We have a range of options from happy gas, IV sedation dentistry to general anaesthetic at selected practices.

Happy or laughing gas

Most commonly known as happy gas or laughing gas, and is a safe and popular way of alleviating anxiety. Odourless, it is administered as a gas mixed with oxygen and inhaled through a small mask over the nose. Best of all – it’s safe, easy to administer and doesn’t stay in the body.

News on happy gas

The effects of happy gas are mild and you’ll remain awake while inhaling. You will not lose control and will still be able to interact with your dentist. Laughing gas has a very short recovery time and no after-effects. Following your procedure, you should be able to get on with your day and drive as usual.

The happy gas effect

Used in a dental clinic, happy gas is a gentle and calming way to soothe stress and calm nerves. After your dentist has fit the small mask over your nose, you breathe in the gas as you would breathe normally, and over a period of five minutes, you’ll start to feel relaxed. People often get the giggles, which is why it’s called ‘happy gas’. Your dentist can adjust the level of sedation quickly and easily, so if you’re feeling too relaxed or not relaxed enough, your dentist can easily make you comfortable.

Our team are here to help you feel relaxed. We’re happy to talk you through your pain and anxiety management options and find a way to keep your teeth healthy and your stress levels down.

Find your local practice and speak to our friend team about your options.

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