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Good dental health is not just about a nice white smile or fresh breath. Good dental health is important for your general health.

Dental decay and gum infections are not just miserable for you, they also affect chronic conditions such as diabetes and heart problems. By keeping your teeth healthy, you are looking after your general health.

Healthy habits, healthy teeth

Healthy dental habits start with a good oral hygiene routine – here’s more information if you’re unsure if yours really does the trick.

A good diet plays a big part, too. Avoiding too many snacks isn’t just good for your weight, it helps protect your teeth from decay as sugars feed the bacteria in your mouth.

Six-monthly dental checks pick up any issues early and keep your teeth professionally cleaned as well.


Planning your treatments

Once you’ve got your general dental health under control, you can look at whether you want to improve any aesthetic issues with your teeth or gums.

Your National Dental Care practitioner can advise on ways to straighten crooked teeth, which can help in keeping them clean as well as improving your smile. Invisalign is an almost-invisible way to straighten teeth without metal braces.

You could also whiten your teeth, with a customised treatment at home, or in the dentist’s chair. Gummy smiles can also be improved with special surgery to improve the gumline. It’s fast, almost painless, and doesn’t need stitches.


Help with a payment plan

If you need more dental treatments than you’d budgeted for, you may be eligible for National Dental Care’s interest-free payment plan. You can apply online or ask at your next dental visit.

By taking good care of your teeth and seeing your National Dental Care practitioner regularly you’re much more likely to prevent or spot issues early and save on dental work.

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