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Did you know that oral health and heart disease can be connected? Signs of one can be seen in the other, and it’s not alone. There is lots of evidence showing links between gum disease and cardiovascular disease, as well as diabetes.

It’s no wonder then that many believe dentistry and dental care should be handled holistically, which means to treat the body as a whole, not just section by section.

How can holistic dental care help take care of your dentistry needs?

What is holistic dental care?

A form of dentistry not all will be familiar with, holistic dental care focuses not just on what’s going on inside the mouth, but what’s going on in the rest of your body, finding a balance between the whole self and any oral issues you may be suffering.

Holistic dentistry is therefore not entirely focused on solely the expert advice of your dentist alone, but is more a collaborative effort between dentists, nutritionists, chiropractors, and other medical practitioners, and can be an ideal alternative if you’re looking to paint a picture of your total health and conditions overall.

As such, your dentist may occasionally consult with other experts from across the field, solving your medical and dental dilemmas together.

What does holistic dental care treat?Do all dentists practice holistic dental care treatments?

Much like how not every dentist is an orthodontist and can assist with braces, not every dentist will practice holistic dentistry.

That said, holistic dental care is hardly new, and seeks to find a link between your greater health and what’s going on in your mouth, looking at any physical ailments and sometimes the emotional issues you may be working through at the time.

While not every dental practice will offer a holistic dental care expert, your best bet to finding one is to contact the team at your local National Dental Care practice to find one suited to helping you.

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