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Lead Dentist Dr Livia Naharnowicz recently joined National Dental Care Chadstone’s all-female team, after two decades experience in a Melbourne CBD practice. Dr Naharnowicz graduated from the University of Melbourne and has been teaching clinical dentistry there for the past six years. She also teaches Mental Health and Communication for DDS students and has a role as an examiner.

Dr Naharnowicz says she’s always enjoyed inspiring people to better health. “Dentistry was a good fit for my interests in medical aspects and science, as well as my enjoyment in being creative and helping people,” she says. “When I graduated, I joined what was then the largest practice in Melbourne. I learned a lot very quickly from the illustrious people around me. They were at the forefront of specialist treatments at the time.”

After 20 years Dr Naharnowicz then moved on to work in a digital health startup, creating a private version of an e-health record. “This role developed my interest in patient education and empowerment”, says Livia, “and also gave me renewed enthusiasm for dentistry which lead me to this role.”

Dr Naharnowicz enjoys all aspects of dentistry because it is an important part of health and well being for everyone. “I like to empower people to make the right decisions for their dental health so that they keep looking after themselves and their mouths for life,” she says. “I believe good communication is very important to put people at ease and to explain their treatment options. The patient also has an opportunity to explain how they feel about the issue and what they want.”

The importance of dental health throughout life

Dr Naharnowicz says that dental care is not just about having a beautiful smile, although she enjoys working on the aesthetic side of dentistry to create them. She emphasises that good oral health has lifelong importance for your general health and well being, and that it’s never too soon or too late to improve things.

“Good dental health becomes increasingly important as we get older,” says Livia. “There is a huge difference in well being for people who have their own teeth and those who don’t, later in life. It’s not just about appearance. People who can enjoy eating a wide range of food, can have a better and more enjoyable diet. Poor oral health is also linked to increased risks of heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes.”

Dr Livia Naharnowicz

Dental technology to enhance patient experience and treatment outcome at NDC Chadstone

Dr Naharnowicz is welcoming new patients to the National Dental Care Chadstone practice. “The surgery is built to purpose and very streamlined,” she says. “Everything works seamlessly for the dentist and patient. We have all the latest equipment, including an iTero scanner which creates digital 3D images of the patient’s mouth for Invisalign. It makes it so much easier to show the patient the potential outcome after treatment.”

“The team at Chadstone provides the best support I’ve ever come across,” smiles Livia. “They’re so efficient and well organised, and there is such a lovely, collegiate atmosphere. Everyone is very warm and welcoming.”

Interests outside of work

“I enjoy a lot of sports,” says Dr Naharnowicz. “I like to do the Lorne Pier to Pub ocean swim each year. I also enjoy travelling, as well as spending time with the family at home. I speak Polish and I’m involved with the Polish community in Melbourne. I’d still like to learn another language as well.”

Dr Naharnowicz also enjoys painting and drawing. “I brought in one of my oil paintings to my surgery, which works perfectly with the décor,” she says. “It makes me feel at home and is something restful for patients to look at.”

Dr Naharnowicz welcomes new patients and is happy to work with you to find the right treatment for your individual needs. You can book an appointment with her online now.

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