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It’s important to keep track of your health fund benefits to help make the best use of them. Health funds can reset at different times of the year however, most commonly reset at either the end of the calendar or the financial year. With that in mind, it is important to check when your benefits will renew and ensure you don’t miss out on all that you are entitled to.

We often have patients asking us ‘When do my limits reset?’

Health insurance dates are an important thing to keep track of. Some funds reset with the calendar year – so there can be a rush before Christmas to visit the dentist – and other funds reset on financial year – which is fast approaching on the 1st of July.

Every health fund is different so if in doubt, it’s best to check with your insurance provider.

health cover

Health funds and their limits can be a little confusing.

Why does it matter if my health fund extras reset?

In Australia, many people can pay around $320 per month on health insurance. Often dental is included in your extras cover. If that’s the case you can often have a ‘No Gap’ check up and clean every six months – without being further out of pocket. This is a smart way to make the best use of your health insurance.

Is a checkup and clean worth it?

Did you know at your checkup and clean, your dentist doesn’t just clean your teeth, they also assess your overall oral health situation, addressing small problems before they become big?

For example, studies show oral health is linked to heart health and diabetes.

What is a ‘limit’?

A limit is the total amount you can claim towards extras included in your cover in a specific period. Usually, when referring to dental cover, it is a 12 month period, but it can vary depending on the kind of treatment you are having and the specifics to your plan. By attending your regular check up and clean every six months, your National Dental Care dentist can keep you up-to-date about your oral health, and you can make informed decisions about treatment. Book in to your local National Dental Care practice today.

What if my health fund doesn’t cover treatment?

We have Smile Fund, an interest-free way you have treatment now, and pay later – over weeks or months, as you choose. Our Smile Fund team can help you through the process. Use our Smile Fund Calculator to see how repayments can work.

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