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School weeks are busy enough without trying to fit in appointments around their classes and outside activities. Holidays are the perfect time to get your kids’ teeth looked at without the rush.

It can seem like the children only just got back to school and suddenly the holidays are here again. Time flies when there’s the school run and homework to check and a last-minute costume they must have for the very next day along with everything else.

And kids’ after-school schedules are often pretty full, with sports and other extra-curricular activities packing school days and Saturdays.

Holiday appointments mean you aren’t interrupting their classes, sports or extra tuition. If they do need any treatment they have time out to recover. So it makes sense to plan ahead to get your kids’ teeth looked at over the holidays.

But they’ve still only got baby teeth

Children need a dental checkup at least once a year – and sometimes more often if they’re at a higher risk of developing tooth decay. Checkups should start when each child is two years old.

Just because the tooth fairy is going to be paying out for those cute little teeth one day doesn’t mean they don’t have an important role. Apart from helping your child chew properly to eat healthy food easily, baby teeth are essential for the development of speech and healthy adult teeth.

Toothaches don’t just make it hard for children to concentrate at school, the bacteria can also linger in the mouth and spread to their newly-erupting adult teeth.

Schedule a checkup

If you haven’t had a regular checkup schedule for your children, the holidays can be a great time to get on track.

You can find a National Dental Care dentist in your area and get your children booked in online. Once your children have all had their teeth assessed, you can make plans for any treatment or for their next checkup. You’re not letting problems go undetected which can cost more later.

Are you eligible for financial help?­­

If you receive certain government benefits you may be eligible for the 2018 Child Benefits Dental Schedule. This can give you $1000 a year for your child’s dental health treatments. Talk with your National Dental Care practitioner for more information.

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Taking children to the dentist early, helps them form good habits for life.

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