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You want your wedding day to be perfect, including your smile.  If you have six months or more before your wedding day, there is plenty of time to get a dental implant or other dental treatments to ensure your smile will be perfect in those precious wedding photos. Here’s what you need to know.

Wedding planning is exciting as well as daunting at times. There are many things to do. Looking your absolute best is generally pretty high on the list. If you’re saying yes to a stunning dress and outlaying serious money on professional photography, you want your smile to be perfect, too.

If you have any serious dental issues, such a missing tooth or an awkward bridge or denture, dental implants can be the solution. You can have a single implant, or a bridge of them if several teeth have been lost due to an accident or major dental problems.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are artificial teeth with a metal post which bonds with your jawbone so your new tooth functions like your natural teeth. Some people compare the process to getting a filling. First, the post is inserted into your jawbone under anesthetic, then a temporary crown is fitted. After allowing the post to bond, the final artificial tooth is fitted. Implants are definitely not a new procedure. National Dental Care dentists can often perform several implants each week. Technology, communication and a gentle approach help us get the best results for patients.

Implants may be a better solution than dentures or bridges in some situations. For example, when you’re only missing one tooth, or want to avoid something that is removable.

Can anyone have dental implants?

While most people can have dental implants fitted, they’re not suited to everyone. You need to have healthy gums and good bone density. Good dental hygiene is important too. You can care for your implants the same way you care for natural teeth. Serious periodontal issues can result in failed implants.

Your dentist will do a comprehensive dental examination and ask about any health issues or medications you’re taking long-term. Treating existing issues, such as periodontal disease is important to do before implant surgery.

Dental implants before your wedding

If your budget is under wedding-day strain, you may be eligible for National Dental Care’s interest-free payment plan for major dental work.

Dr Paola Bower, of National Dental Care Frankston in Victoria, is a dentist with a special interest in implants who understands people’s concerns about major dental work.

“Do everything you can do to maintain your teeth,” says Paola. “But if you lose them, replace them. Technology can help us achieve amazing results. Dental implants are a lot more straightforward than people think.”

Paola says that a couple of generations ago, brides would get a set of dentures for their wedding present!

“It used to be commonplace for dentists to replace teeth with dentures, but now we try to preserve them – it’s much better for the patient’s health.”

Brides, grooms and wedding parties often choose to have a smile makeover before a wedding day. Invisalign, whitening, and veneers are all popular treatment choices. We can help patients make the best decision for their health and cosmetic goals.

You can book a consultation online with your National Dental Care practitioner now.

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