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At National Dental Care Gladstone, our focus is on providing gentle, personalised and friendly dental care. With our eyes firmly planted on the future, we’ve recently made some significant changes to our Gladstone surgery. In addition to our six new surgeries, our dental surgery offers state-of-the-art modern dental equipment and x-ray facilities. Building on our family-focused practice, we’re expanding our expertise in order to concentrate more closely on children’s dentistry.

Kids corner

Getting the kids to the dentist can be a daunting prospect. Even for the most willing of temperaments, the unfamiliar faces, sounds and tastes can be intimidating. If our decade-spanning experience has taught us anything, it’s that kindness, patience and gentleness goes a long way.

Building on our recent expansion, we’re adding a Kids” Corner to our recently refurbished Gladstone practice. Our emphasis has always been on providing the best level of dental care by preventing decay and stressing the importance of oral education. We hope that by turning your kid’s visit to the dentist into an adventure, we can take the terror out of it and set them up for a lifetime of healthy dental habits.

Why Kids Dental

Educating your kids about healthy eating habits and dental hygiene is all part of good dental care. It’s only natural that we want to give our kids the best possible shot at living a full, happy and healthy life. Our aim is to set them up with a healthy smile for life by introducing them to healthy dental habits from an early age.

Kids are like sponges, they form habits quickly, usually by observing, so the sooner you start making regular dental visits, the better chance you have at maintaining healthy teeth and gums.

Regular dental checkup appointments help establish a routine that your child will keep throughout their adult lives. Teeth are tools for life and protecting them starts when our first tooth appears.

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