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Everybody wants fresh breath, but what if you have bad breath and don’t know it? Do you wait for someone to offer mints after every meal you share? Are you trying to smell your own breath to check before you go out? Or overdosing on mouthwash?

Enjoy Fresh Breath Day everyday with these tips.


How can you check your own breath?

It’s pretty much impossible to smell your own bad breath, but you can try:

  • flossing between your back teeth and smelling the floss
  • using a tongue scraper and sniffing it afterwards
  • licking your hand and smelling the spot once it has dried

These aren’t foolproof, but they can be a clue if the smell is sour.


How can I fix my bad breath?

If you’re not sick, and your dental work and professional cleaning is all up to date, it’s time to amp up your oral hygiene skills.

Here’s how to keep your mouth really fresh and clean:

  • learn how to clean and floss your teeth correctly here
  • consider an electric tooth-brush for better cleaning
  • keep a brush, floss and paste at work, or in your car
  • use a tongue scraper or brush the back of your tongue
  • use dental brushes if you can’t floss around bridges or awkward spaces
  • consult your National Dental Care dentist for the best mouthwash for your oral health
  • replace your toothbrush every three months


How can I prevent bad breath?

Firstly, be aware that if you’re eating a lot of onions and garlic, there will be payback. Too much coffee can leave your breath sour, so drink extra water. Too much alcohol will dehydrate you, which is why your mouth feels so dry and unpleasant the next day. So watch your foods and beverages and carry a refillable water bottle.

Secondly, keep up your dental checks and don’t let your oral hygiene routine slip because you’re busy. Make it easy with spare tooth-cleaning packs stashed in your bag.

Thirdly, fresh and crunchy foods and lots of water are a big help to your teeth. Try snacking on carrots, snap peas, blanched beans, apples, strawberries, blueberries and celery between meals.

Finally, don’t smoke. Smoker’s breath is awful. Ask your doctor for advice on stopping smoking. And remember that your National Dental Care practitioner is your friend – don’t hesitate to ask them about help with any bad breath concerns.

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