Clinical Oversight Committee - National Dental Care
The Clinical Oversight Committee mission  is to provide clinical strategies to allow providers to implement the National Dental Care mission statement.
Understanding Your Needs

We understand that small business and big business approaches can sometimes be at odds. National Dental Care is firmly committed to the success of your business, not just post-purchase, but well into the future.

To ensure we maintain the correct balance between the needs of the group and the day-to-day workings of individual practices, and to guarantee that our governance is top tier, we have established a Clinical Oversight Committee.

This group of our experienced lead dentists advises the senior management team about patients’ changing needs and future clinical direction.

It ensures our decisions are moving us towards our goal of becoming an employer of choice, and that our clinical strategies are adapting to the market.

The Clinical Oversight Committee also recommends appropriate, broad-based training for clinicians in the National Dental Care network, so that all members can benefit from:

  • An improved experience for patients.
  • Better clinical outcomes.
  • Overall boosts to efficiency and productivity within their practice.
  • Improved team cooperation and broader business success.

Our current Chief Oversight Committee is chaired by Dr Antony Benedetto, Dentist, National Dental Care Erina, NSW.

Our other members include:

  • Gordon Towell – CEO, National Dental Care
  • Dr Henry Gilkes – Lead Dentist, National Dental Care West Lakes Dental, SA
  • Dr Nasr Bachawaty – Lead Dentist, Elite Dental, VIC
  • Dr Jillian Fisher – Lead Dentist, National Dental Care Chermside, QLD
  • Dr Rod Wills – Lead Dentist, National Dental Care CBD Dental, NSW
  • Dr Nick Morton – Clinical Director, DB Dental Melville, WA
  • Dr Nathan Pitchforth – Dentist, DB Dental Innaloo, WA

To learn more about our COC members please click here.

Dr Richard Sawers
“I believe the acquisition of South Terrace Dental Care was a great benefit to both my team and the National Dental Care family. The opportunity to develop an individuals’ career is limited in smaller business but now our team can be involved at a whole different range of levels and be better trained and resourced than before. Staff will be able to move locations or work in multiple locations, knowing the protocols for service delivery at each site. I would encourage other dental practices to join the NDC team and benefit from these opportunities.”

– Dr Richard Sawers – South Terrace Dental Care SA

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