FAQs - National Dental Care

How do you value my practice?

We assess both the historical and recent financial performance of the practice. We calculate the practice’s EBIT (Earnings Before Interest and Tax) and value the business based on this, after adjusting for your ongoing commission.

Do you have ‘claw back’ provisions?

Absolutely not, any payments you receive for the purchase of your practice cannot be clawed backroom your commission payments.

How long do I stay?

We want you to stay for as long as possible! You remain committed during the deferred payment period and after this time we encourage you to stay on and lead the practice. We provide an attractive commission rate for vendor dentists as well as a profit share based on the practice earnings.

How will you engage me?

We will employ you under a Service and Facility Agreement. This allows you the flexibility to operate your own business, working under an Australian Business Number (ABN) or a company structure. The relationship does not make you an employee of National Dental Care. Instead, you are provided with a dental facility from which you treat patients, plus support staff and marketing services. National Dental Care charge a percentage of your gross production for the provision of the facilities and services.

How do I get rewarded?

We provide exceptional on-going commissions for practice owners who stay on beyond the initial deferred payment period. This rate provides a continuing incentive for you to grow your personal production, plus we offer a profit share incentive based on practice earnings to encourage leadership of the overall practice.

What happens to the name of my practice?

We will work towards achieving a cobranded outcome as we value the existing local recognition of your practice name.

Can I choose my suppliers?

One of the benefits of joining us is the ability to access the buying power of our procurement network. For this reason, we require practices to use our online portal. All the usual consumables you would purchase are included on our online portal by having partnered with industry leading suppliers. We are confident you will achieve significant savings on your current consumable costs.

What are the working hours?

Initially, no change unless we both believe there is an opportunity to alter them for the good of patients and the practice. Such changes would not happen without everyone’s agreement.

What training is available?

Our training program for dentists, practice managers and support staff is one of the many strengths of our system. Our training is delivered by industry leading practice consultants and our internal training team as a compelling offer for your staff assisting with employee retention. Additionally, our focus on clinical excellence for both junior doctors and advanced dentists provides pathways for practitioners at all stages of their careers.

How do I know you have the interests of myself and my staff at heart?

We believe your interests are our interests. We want you, and your staff, to thrive for both the short and long term. Staff retention is a key focus at National Dental Care and an area we take very seriously. To ensure we are meeting your needs, our Clinical Oversight Committee, made up of dentists like you, acts as the liaison between vendors and the National Dental Care management team. This ensures the direction of the group continues to meet the needs of our practices and their patients.

What happens to my existing marketing and advertising initiatives?

That’s your call. We would encourage the maintenance of any current marketing commitments. Plus, we’ll be undertaking outstanding marketing initiatives at both a group and practice level.

How long does it take to complete the process?

From the time of our first meeting through to settlement, the process can be as quick as six to eight weeks.

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