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Dentist Dr. Sarah Caruso from National Dental Care Mawson Lakes

National Dental Care Mawson Lakes Lead Dentist, Dr. Sarah Caruso, found her vocation in a rather painful manner as a teenager.

“When I was 15 years old I fell off a razor scooter,” explains Sarah. “I was trying to do a trick and flipped myself headfirst over the handlebars onto the concrete! My teeth were a mess.”  But Sarah considers this unfortunate accident as lucky, in a kind of way.

“That’s what lead me to dentistry,” she explains.

“As a teenager, I was referred to specialists who restored my smile. Years later, because of the way they inspired me, I ended up studying dentistry and the same experts were my lecturers. Fast forward, and today I refer patients to them.”

Her fall gave Dr. Sarah Caruso a very real empathy for patients who undergo cosmetic and restorative dentistry

Unsurprisingly, Sarah’s practice has a real reputation for cosmetic dentistry.

“I have a very strong interest in rebuilding smiles,” says Sarah, who graduated from the University of Adelaide in 2009 and has lived and worked in the northern suburbs of Adelaide all her life. Sarah also has wide-ranging experience in all aspects of general dentistry, with extensive further education and interests in smile makeovers including implants, minor oral surgery for extractions, laser dentistry, root canal therapy, and digital ceramic restorations as well as smile design using the latest computer technology. The practice also does sedation dentistry one day each month.

The Mawson Lakes team continually upskill so they can provide the best care for patients. This photo is of Dr Peter Nguyen, Dr Sarah Caruso and Dr Taf Mabheju at the recent CEREC Masters module 2 workshop

“I’ve had my life transformed in so many ways through dentistry,” says Sarah, who has also done volunteer work as a dentist and educator in Cambodia and Vanuatu.

“I look forward to creating more smiles for years to come.”

In their free time, Sarah and her physiotherapist husband Adrian, along with daughter April and their family’s spaniel love exploring new places and the great outdoors.

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