Does every dentist offer laser treatment? - National Dental Care

It wasn’t that long ago that lasers were more Star Wars than something you were likely to consider for your next dental procedure.

But laser dentistry is a rapidly growing industry. It offers high-precision treatments which minimise pain and speed recovery in a variety of dental issues.

While not every National Dental Care practice currently offers laser dentistry, the number is expanding quickly as more and more dentists are trained in these specialist techniques.


What is laser dentistry?

A laser is light energy, which can be used as a cutting instrument, or for other techniques. Laser technology has been used for medical procedures for some time and is also ideal for many dental treatments.

Laser treatment on soft tissue areas eliminates the need for stitches, minimises bleeding and automatically sterilises the area it is used on.

Laser technology can also be an alternative to x-ray images for dental diagnostics. A diagnocam uses a pain-free laser beam to take scans of your teeth and mouth. The images are projected onto a screen so that your National Dental Care dentist can detect any cavities or early decay under existing fillings.


What can laser dentistry do?

Laser dentistry can be used for many procedures including gum lifts, teeth whitening, TMJ disorder treatments, detecting cavities and other issues.

Your National Dental Care practitioner will discuss the possible treatment options for your particular dental-care needs.


Why choose laser for dental procedures?

Laser dentistry can make procedures simpler and reduce discomfort and healing time with surgical work such as gum-lifts.

Patients may not need anaesthesia for some procedures, stitches are less likely to be needed, there is less likelihood of infection and less blood loss than traditional surgery.

National Dental Care practices have the latest technology and dental practitioners receive regular training in all new equipment.

So if you’re hesitating over some dental work, talk to you National Dental Care practitioner and learn how laser dentistry may be able to make treatments easier for you.

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