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By Tijana Fisher, CCO
CEREC restorations have been around for 30 years. During this time, CEREC technology and clinical concepts have made enormous contribution to computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided milling (CAM), all ceramic material science and bonding science. It is due to this trailblazing technology that other, more robust, commercial systems were developed for our laboratories. This enabled us to use CAD CAM in a hybrid way, using analogue processes in the surgery and digital in the lab.

Cerec omnicamBeing able to use stronger all ceramic restorations for multiple applications slowly changed our thinking.  We now preserve more tooth structure, we take our bonding protocols seriously, we restore rather than repair teeth and dentitions.

Now, with the latest developments in material science and CAD CAM technology, we can produce restorations usually reserved for laboratories in our own surgeries, within a couple of hours. We can truly control the process from planning and preparation to design, milling and insert.

This has been the legacy of CEREC and the early adopters and trailblazers in dentistry, who used the technology, improved their protocols, helped build better features and demanded better materials. We now have all that and being able to gain access to this technology, still out of the reach for a large number of our colleagues, is a huge privilege. We have been given this privilege and embraced the new ‘normal’ in dentistry. So have our patients. They can now receive the same restoration they would get from a laboratory, made from the same material, in less than two hours, versus two weeks.

At National Dental Care, we recently acquired 11 brand new CEREC Omnicam units, six of which were delivered to novice users. We are impressed by how they have embraced this system and have quickly began to incorporate it into their practices. The response has been fantastic and extremely positive and we look forward to continuing to add value to our practices and to our customers by embracing modern principles and modern technology for everyone’s benefit.

NationalDental_CM_CM0019Dr Tijana Fisher

Dr. Tijana Fisher, CCO

Most National Dental Care practices offer CEREC technology for dental treatments. You can book your nearest National Dental Care practitioner online now.

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