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National Dental Care has close to 1,000 team members spread across almost 60 locations Australia-wide. Today, we met with Dr Fady, Dubbo dentist, to learn about his day-to-day.

Why did you choose dentistry?

In a way, it chose me. I just aimed for the highest possible grades at school and when it came time for the next step upon completing high school, I just applied for a number of different courses. Though there were many I had the grades for, the first three options I received back were all for dentistry. I took the leap and I’ve never looked back.

You grew up in Sydney, what motivated you to move to Dubbo?

I really like country towns. Dubbo is very peaceful. The work, life balance is great, everything is close by and I have a great social network. I’ve lived in Dubbo for a few years now and I am very happy here. My parents do ask quite a lot about when I’ll be moving back to Sydney, but I have no short term plans to leave.

In January, 2019: Dr Fady and the National Dental Care team met the community in Orana Mall.

In January, 2019: Dr Fady and the National Dental Care team met the community in Orana Mall to make dental fun.

Are there any areas of dentistry you focus on?

Right now I’m expanding mostly into Prosthodontic work. I also have an interest in implant dentistry. Big picture, I really enjoy seeing smiles returned, so I am interested in rehabilitation and aesthetics.

What do you do in your spare time?

Well, one of my hobbies is painting. When I was in university I would just sketch with a pencil because as a typical uni student that’s all I could afford, but now thankfully I have the means to use paint and canvas. The art sometimes ties into my work in dentistry as I’ve developed a good eye for proportions and symmetry to create something that is aesthetically pleasing. You can really change a smile by restoring and changing teeth to a more ideal harmony. There’s definitely an artistic element to dentistry.

Dr Fady, Dubbo dentist, enjoys painting in his spare time.

What is your Dubbo team like?

Our practice manager Krystal is great. She’s really accommodating and flexible and full of interesting stories. Our lead dentist Dr Priya is great for guidance and gives us lots of freedom. Then there’s Dr Kanishko. He and I are basically joined at the hip. We consult with each other a lot at work. We are gym buddies as well. We all get along and have a good sense of team and we all really value our patients.


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