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At National Dental Care Toowoomba Neil Street Dental we aim to keep children smiling. We understand that a trip to the dentist can be a nerve-wracking proposition for even the calmest of children. With some careful planning and positive reinforcement, we aim to make your child’s trip to the dentist memorable for all the right reasons.

KS photoChildren’s Therapist Kerri Stafford

Kerri is a dental therapist with more than 30 years experience in children’s dentistry. She has worked in several regional areas of Queensland including cities and rural and remote locations. She has solidified her skills due to these years of experience and joined the team at Neil Street in 2005. Kerri’s vast experience helps to create a relationship of trust with her patients and their parents through her calm and gentle manner, and  her willingness to take the time to make them comfortable.

Kerri’s Carefree Charter

To give your children the best possible chance of living a full, happy and healthy life, Kerri Stafford has put together a few pointers to help you set them up for a future of dental health.

‘Children’s dentistry begins when your child’s first tooth appears

Setting kids up for a lifetime of positive dental experience starts at their very first visit. Make it a fun adventure so they don’t associate the dentist with being scared and uncomfortable. Even though baby teeth fall out, they are very important to the development of the permanent teeth. Regular six-monthly checkups help create a routine that your child will maintain throughout their adult lives.

‘Children learn by example, so good dental habits start with them watching you prioritise your teeth in your daily routine’

The best way to teach your children to brush well is to involve them in your routine and let them watch and learn. When you get up in the morning, brush your teeth with your children. Make it playful; the more fun you make it, the more they’ll do it naturally.

‘Teaching your children healthy eating habits is a very important part of good dental care

Unfortunately, our children can be exposed to a diet high in sugar which causes decay and future dental problems. Teaching your children to reach for the melon instead of the chocolate can be challenging, but limiting sugary foods to special occasions is one way of promoting a healthy diet and ultimately, good dental health.

‘Make sure children are brushing twice daily, in the morning and last thing before bedtime’

Young children should be supervised while they brush, and this should continue until you are satisfied they are doing a good job by themselves. This is usually about age eight or nine, or until they can write well. It’s also a good idea to check regularly that they are staying on track. Kerri at Neil Street Dental has a heavy focus on prevention and will educate your child about brushing and overall oral health. She also promotes he application of fissure sealants to protect the biting surfaces of permanent molars.

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