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Dental rebates can be a complex issue. Most people take out health insurance and don’t use it to its full potential because they don’t know what can be claimed as a dental rebate.

Not all dental health policies are created equal and you may not be automatically covered for all procedures and treatments. The best place to start is by calling your health insurer to find out your policy specifics. Write a list of questions you want to ask them before you call so you’re prepared. You may have a wish list of cosmetic procedures you want done, like teeth whitening or veneers, so it’s best to check how much you would be out of pocket and what’s covered before you make an appointment with your dentist.

Your plan
Each dental insurance plan has different inclusions and yearly maximum rebates. The amount of insurance you have will differ depending on the insurer, your age, general health and policy details. Most plans work in calendar years and in most cases unused funds don’t roll over. If you’re paying a monthly premium, it pays to use it. Even if you don’t need any specific treatment, schedule in a regular dental cleaning to take advantage of the rebate and avoid further treatment like root canal therapy or gum disease.

What can you claim?
The ins and outs of your dental rebates generally depend on your insurer and policy. Health insurance rebates are covered under two main parts, general and major dental. General covers dental procedures like cleaning, plaque removal, x-rays and fillings while major covers wisdom teeth removal, crowns, bridges and possibly root canal. Your policy may allow for extras like teeth whitening so it’s best to check with both your insurer and your dentist.

Delaying dental checkups can lead to more complicated and costly treatments in the future. What may start as a simple cavity covered under your general health rebate, may end in a complex root canal further down the road.

Our National Dental Care dentists partner with all major health funds and many of our practices are preferred health fund providers, which means that you may have access to exclusive benefits and further dental rebates. Book your appointment online now.

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