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At National Dental Care we always strive to create a culture of recognition and reward. This week we have a special focus on our dental assistants. These individuals add value every day to our dentists, hygienists, specialists and practice teams. They contribute to our patient’s experience and contribute to their visit being “smooth and easy”, as one of our patient recently commented.

Thank you to our dental assistants across Australia

Charlotte Petroff is one of several hundred dental assistants our patients meet each day. These individuals greet our patients with a smile and contribute to them feeling at ease. They often listen to the consult and prepare tools for the next procedure to make the appointment run more smoothly and act as the quiet accomplice to their dentist.

“I first met Charlotte at another practice I was working at several years ago,” says Dr Sarah Caruso, Lead Dentist – Mawson Lakes. “I could see was undergoing a traineeship, and though the owners had taken her on, nobody was helping her or allowing her to assist them.”

As a trainee, many dental assistants have to complete 250 hours of work as part of their learning.

“I worked with her to help her finish her trainee paperwork, and I’ve been rewarded tenfold because five years later, when I walked into National Dental Care Mawson Lakes, for my job interview I was greeted by Charlotte!” says Dr Sarah, who notes “Charlotte’s opinion definitely helped me get the job. She is now an accomplished dental assistant who has come extremely far, and I am very proud of her.”


Dental assistant Charlotte Petroff and Dr Sarah Caruso, at National Dental Care Mawson Lakes.


Dr Sarah notes that Charlotte looks for opportunities to contribute in all aspects of the practice “she works in our in-house lab and will assist on reception or in sterilisation.

I have the pleasure of working with her as a confident and extremely supportive colleague. She loves dentistry and she always has an appetite for learning.”

A big thank you to all of the dental assistants across Australia who help our team achieve the best outcomes for patients every day (and have fun along the way).

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