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Dr Nader Malik brings a holistic approach to dentistry.

“From the mouth, you get great insights to a person’s broader health” says Dr Nader.”To me being a dentist is so much more than treating just the teeth, it’s about looking after your total and complete health.”

Dr Nader Malik cares for every patient as an individual

As an experienced dentist Dr Nader enjoys being continually challenged with complex cases. “I take a lot of pride in providing the kind of treatment that improves a patient’s life. Every patient is treated as an individual and a big part of the process is sitting and listening and making sure you understand what they are trying to achieve. Communication is key.”

Dr Nader Malik, Dr Joanne, Dr Jelena Skovrlj McGilp

In Barangaroo we have a professional and caring team of dentists.

Cosmetic dentistry – Can my smile look better?

As a dentist based in inner city’s Barangaroo, there are many requests for cosmetic procedures. Dr Nader says “cosmetic dentistry or getting “the best-looking smile” can mean different things to different people.

“With technology like Invisalign we can tell with a level of certainty how patients teeth will look throughout their treatment. We can actually show patients computer-generated simulations of how their teeth will move, which is incredible. It means so much more to them to actually see what changes will occur.

It also means they can plan for events in their lives – like holidays or weddings – so they know how their smile is likely to look in a photo at any point in time.”

Straightening options

There are many ways to straighten teeth. As well as InvisalignⓇ, National Dental Care – Barangaroo offer braces and Advanced Lightwire Functionals – also commonly known as ALF. With certification through the Alternative Orthodontics training group, this means patients can have a treatment that is best suited to their specific case.  Advanced Lightwire Functionals (ALF) is a popular option for patients who don’t want visible braces and want a gentle approach.

Why straighten teeth?

Dr Nader says “having a straight smile is a driving force for many patients who want to look good and present themselves in a certain way. This is said to improve career opportunities and advance them in other areas of their lives.

For other patients, they’re motivated because they have problems chewing food or issues with their jaw. Jaw pain can be related to headaches and trouble sleeping. Different treatment can help different people. Everyone is an individual. No two cases are exactly the same, so we customise treatments to give our patients the best cosmetic and health outcomes.”

What’s the quickest way to change your smile?

“In Barangaroo we have a treatment called Philips Zoom Whitening. This can make a smile up to 8 shades whiter. If I had to pick a single “quick” treatment that would have to be it, because in one appointment you really can look quite different.”

Dr Nader Malik is the lead dentist at National Dental Care Barangaroo. 

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