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Born into a family of healthcare professionals with an interest in design and creativity, choosing dentistry seemed like the logical choice for Dr Pegah Tavakol. Moving from Iran to Melbourne in 2011 with her husband, this was the start of an exciting new venture. “We knew we wanted to move out of Iran however, choosing a location was difficult. I have a lot of family in Canada but can’t stand the cold so that was off the cards straight away! My father ended up helping us pick Australia and the rest is history,” she muses.

Improving patients’ smiles in a day

Moving from Melbourne to Adelaide only one week ago, Dr Pegah is already enjoying the change of pace in the city and is excited to start at NDC South Terrace.

“The practice just exudes modern comfort and the team are amazing and so friendly,” says Dr Pegah. “I’m looking forward to using the high tech equipment, such as CAD / CAM which can create crowns in one day, and also having training to offer Invisalign. I think I’ll bring a fresh new perspective and attitude to the team, so I can’t wait to get started!”

Having a strong background in general dentistry, especially enjoying preventative and conservative dentistry, Dr Pegah loves improving patient’s smiles. “I enjoy doing resin bonding veneers and porcelain veneers, I can usually change the shape without any drilling or pain. A beautiful smile is all about harmony, each tooth might not look right individually but once altogether, it looks perfect.”

“Case selection is also very important,” says Dr Pegah, “patients need a good evaluation so you can offer them a few different options that will benefit them. You need to understand what they want to achieve so that you can tailor the offering to get the best result for the individual.”

Dr Pegah Tavakol at NDC South Terrace

Bringing her unique skills to the South Terrace practice

Along with general dentistry, Dr Pegah also offers non-invasive cosmetic facial injectables such as dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections. “A few years ago, I found that my patients kept asking me about these procedures so I decided to have some training done with AADFA. Dentists are already really knowledgeable about the structure of the face and jaw, so I believe we’re the best qualified people to do it.”

“Growing up in an environment where my father was a dermatologist, he always emphasised the importance of prevention at a young age. It’s all about maintenance, if you leave problems for too long then it might require surgical care and that’s where it gets more difficult and expensive,” Dr Pegah warns.

She also mentions how important it is that the patients seeking dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections already trust their dentists. “You’re seeing these patients regularly for dental care, so you’ve already built that trust and rapport. You know their facial structure well so you’re able to provide the best outcome for them. You can also deliver these treatments habitually as they’re already coming in for a check-up.”

When you’re not in the dental practice, where will people find you?

I love travelling and enjoying what a city, or the countryside, has to offer. I’m a self-proclaimed fun person! I always like to keep busy whether that’s going for a run, exploring, playing violin, painting or reading.

You can book with Dr Pegah Tavakol at National Dental Care South Terrace by calling 08 8232 1366 or online today.

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