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At National Dental Care Tweed Heads, we’re focused on the future. Our team of gentle, friendly and esteemed dentists are committed to providing the highest level of patient care and comfort. With recent investments in dental technology, our team is equipped and dedicated to bringing you the best in dental technique and care. Our passion for dental excellence extends far beyond the chair.

CEREC for same-day crowns

We know you lead a busy life and the last thing you feel like doing is whiling away the hours in the dentist’s chair. At National Dental Care Tweed Heads, we strive for timely, accurate and hassle-free dental treatment. Ceramic Restorations or CEREC for short, use computer-aided design and manufacturing technology to produce and insert ceramic restorations in one sitting.

The process is simple; our Tweed Heads dentists will remove any existing decay and then use this cutting-edge technology to take digital impressions of your mouth, then design the restorative treatment plan on the computer using these scans. Using 3D printing, your dentist will make the restoration device using computer-aided milling.

Crowns and bridges

If you’ve cracked or broken a tooth, lost a filling or your tooth has discoloured, it may be time for a crown. Crowns help to restore balance to your teeth and bring back your smile’s status quo. Gone are the days of the three-visit crown – our use of dental technology allows us to restore your smile in one sitting. Whether you’re replacing a large filling, preventing further cracking or building the base for a bridge, your Tweed Heads dentist can asses and restore your smile in one easy, pain free and productive appointment. You can book online with us now.

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