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With the right care, your teeth will last you a lifetime, which is why we make long-term patient relationships our priority. Our dentists use the latest technology to provide you with the safest and most comfortable treatments. At National Dental Care Algester, our dentists and hygienists go above and beyond to ensure their skills are current and the practice is equipped with the latest technology and materials.

We have recently added new technologies like CEREC and Invisalign.

CEREC technology for same-day crowns

CEREC technology combines digital imaging and 3D modelling to create customisable ceramic restorations in the dentist’s office, not the lab.

Using German 3D chair-side CAD/CAM technology, we design, create and fit an all-ceramic filling in one single visit.

CEREC technology is more cost-effective, more accurate, the results are immediate and durable, and the technology cuts the process down from three weeks to a couple of hours.


Invisalign is a modern, almost invisible alternative to metal braces.

We use 3D imaging technology to plot out your entire treatment plan and create a series of custom-fitted clear ‘aligners’.

Over a period of 9-18 months, the aligners work to gradually shift your teeth towards the perfect smile. Not only are they invisible, but they’re also removable so you can eat, drink and floss as normal.

Advances in technology make Invisalign a less painful, more accurate and convenient option for teeth straightening.

Our memberships

Led by Dr Darren Ringelstein, our team are members of the Australian Dental Association, the Federation of Dentistry International, the Prosthodontic Society of Australia, the Aesthetic Dental Society, the Implant Society and the Cadmus Study Group. Dr Ringelstein is also a Fellow of the Academy of Sports Dentistry.

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