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Teaching your children how to care for their teeth starts way before they can actually do it for themselves. You begin with baby’s first teeth and you set an example, so that tooth-brushing time is scheduled twice a day. Here’s how to get your children’s teeth off to a good start.

Caring for kids’ teeth

Being a parent is a busy job, and caring for your children’s teeth is something that starts early. Just because they lose those baby teeth doesn’t mean they aren’t important for the health of their mouth and their adult teeth to come.

Here’s how to care for your children’s teeth so that they’ll learn how to do it properly themselves.

Baby’s first teeth

Children’s baby teeth can come in really early – some babies are even born with teeth. Most have teeth by their first year, although premature babies can teethe later. Once baby has a tooth, begin by gently cleaning around it and the gum area with a clean, wet cloth.

By the time your child is two, they can begin to brush, with your help to finish off. They only need a tiny dab of toothpaste, as most young children can’t yet spit it out. Play some music to encourage them to clean for two minutes. Next, floss their teeth by resting their head back on your lap and gently working to clean between each tooth. This will soon become routine.

Supervise and set an example

Once your child is about six, they should be able to clean their own teeth quite efficiently, but you still need to supervise. Make sure they’re cleaning the front, back and grinding surfaces of their teeth for two minutes, morning and night. Some will begin to be able to floss by themselves, but you can help until you know they’re comfortable.

It’s important that you are seen setting a good example, taking enough time to clean your own teeth properly and flossing carefully.

Allow enough time morning and night so it’s a normal routine, not an optional thing if they’re too busy or tired.

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Our team aim to give kids a good experience early in life.

Starting regular checkups

Your children should see your National Dental Care practitioner from two years of age, once or twice a year at first. This allows your dentist to spot any early issues before they take hold. Going to the dentist for a checkup becomes normal and not to be feared, because they’re used to visits before they need any treatment.

Should your child have any dental anxiety issues however, your National Dental Care practitioner will be able to help. Always let your dentist know of any issues – lots of people are anxious and they understand how to make people of all ages comfortable in the chair. Book your National Dental Care appointment online now.

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