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For many of us, our phones are our livelihood, travelling everywhere we go, from home to work, and then some. We rely so much on these devices, and not just to make phone calls. These days, smartphones are used less for calls than ever before, taking advantage of the big screens, the internet connections, and those cameras that capture the world so beautifully.

To say we are dependent on phones is an understatement; we thrive with them, and merely survive without, and it’s a genuine surprise when you find someone who doesn’t have their phone on their person.

But is your phone causing you harm to use, and is there any risk to your mouth? Can phones hurt teeth, and is there any risk you should know about?

The polarising issue of radiation

The moment the first portable phone popped up with an antenna, there’s been a lingering question about radiation, and what it can do to us. One of the problems with any electronic gadget, though, is that it emits trace amounts of radiation.

Everywhere you look, you probably have something nearby that emits radiations, including your computer, a tablet, earphones, and more. In fact, even your trusty old microwave emits some radiation.

The good news is technology is a lot better than it used to be, and humans don’t absorb radiation like a giant sponge. Why, even the x-ray technology used at your local dentist has changed over the years, and now emits less than it did back when it used film!

What the experts say

Despite this, our phones are often blamed for radiation because of all of the wirelessness they rely on. WiFi, Bluetooth, and mobile data connectivity add to the tiny amounts of electromagnetic radiation your phone puts out, as well as the phone of everyone else, too.

However, there’s very little long-term research to suggest any of this will harm you or your teeth at present time, with experts believing that there are no clear effects, though more research is required.

Talk to your dentist

While the jury is still out on whether phones can hurt teeth, the one person you should probably ask is your dentist, booking in time for a check-up to find out what’s going on in your mouth.

When we have a toothache, it can be easy to blame other aspects on our life, and if you happen to think it’s been caused by your phone, it might be something else going on, such as stress-induced conditions, or something deeper. Fortunately, your dentist is skilled in diagnosing other health conditions, especially those that relate to teeth, gums, the jaw, and other areas that may be giving you grief.

To get to the real root of your problems, don’t blame the phone. Instead, pick one up and talk to your local National Dental Care practice, and book in an appointment.

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