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We all get wrinkles as we age but we don’t always want to see them on our faces. Injections can fix wrinkles in different ways, but it needs to be done by a professional.

If your skin is making you look older than you feel, you might want to think about cosmetic injectable. These can either relax the wrinkle area so it doesn’t form a line when you smile, or gently fill lines so they’re not as obvious. These treatments aren’t permanent, so you will need to get them done regularly.

Selected National Dental Care practitioners can offer specialist wrinkle treatments and can discuss what is involved and what results you could expect.


Why should you consider seeing your dentist for cosmetic treatments?

If you’re thinking about having injections to fix your wrinkles, you want to know they’re being done professionally.

National Dental Care practitioners offering cosmetic facial injectables not only have expert knowledge of your face and your smile, but they are also specialists. They are fully trained in oral facial anatomy and aesthetics as well as injection skills. And all National Dental Care practices have best-practice hygiene and patient care.

Injections of medical botox, which is also used to treat acute jaw tension (TMJ), also work to relax wrinkles. These injections can be used by selected National Dental Care practitioners to treat your facial wrinkles.

How long will my treatment last?

Botox wrinkle injections last from between three to six months and over time the wrinkles can become less obvious as the wrinkle muscle shrinks.

You can have wrinkle treatments done prior to a special occasion, or make them a part of your regular treatments. Just as you book in your hairdresser or your dentist for checkups, you can make your facial injectables a part of your maintenance. And you can stop having them done any time you want.

Talk with your National Dental Care specialist about whether cosmetic facial injectables are right for you. Your practitioner will also be able to let you know what results you can realistically expect and what it will cost.

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