Winter Mouth Woes Getting You Down? Check Out Our Hot Tips!

Published on August 09, 2021

Winter Mouth Woes Getting You Down? Check Out Our Hot Tips!

There are some great things about winter - like cosying up with a hot cuppa, heading to the snow, or enjoying a brisk hike without having to swelter in the heat. However, winter isn’t always such a fun time for our mouths, with a number of oral health conditions made worse by the harsh weather.

If you’re suffering from winter mouth woes - such as cold sores, chapped lips or sensitive teeth - read on to discover our cold weather tips and make the most of the season.

Combating cold sores

If you’re prone to cold sores or canker sores, being out in the wintery weather can, unfortunately, lead to more breakouts, with cold temperatures, wind and winter sun all contributing to these conditions.

To keep cold sores and canker sores at bay, ensure the area around your mouth is adequately protected with a good SPF, as well as using moisturiser to avoid these areas from drying out. Washing your hands regularly is also an important step in keeping your mouth free from bacteria.

Aside from the weather, acidic or spicy winter beverages such as cider can increase your risk of canker sores. To ease the pain and speed up the healing process, try cleaning the infected area with a warm water solution containing a teaspoon of salt.

Dealing with dry lips

Many of us experience dry, chapped and cracked lips during winter, especially if we’ve been out and about in the harsh weather for extended periods of time.

To prevent dryness and chapping, keep lips hydrated by regularly applying lip balm or moisturiser (keep some in your bag so you can reapply while you’re out). In addition, using an SPF product designed for the face or lips will help to protect this delicate area from sun damage.

Staying hydrated is another key aspect of preventing dry lips - but this can sometimes be challenging when the cooler temperatures mean you don’t feel like drinking cold water. To keep your hydration levels up without getting chilly, you can opt for herbal teas.

Stopping sensitivity in its tracks

While teeth sensitivity can strike at any time of year, the winter months can make your teeth particularly prone to this painful condition. Cold temperatures and biting winds can exacerbate sensitive teeth and cause sharp pains in your mouth.

To combat sensitivity, try using a specialised toothpaste for sensitive teeth, which will help to reduce pain and discomfort. If you’re unsure which product is right for you, ask your National Dental Care Group or DB Dental practitioner for advice. You may also want to switch to a softer toothbrush to avoid harsh brushing.

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